Freedom of expression and democracy is the biggest joke in the world – Karan Johar

Right from Shah Rukh Khan's statement on intolerance, followed by bashing of Aamir Khan on the same, reactions and words spoken by celebrities have found their way to news columns frequently last year. And now what comes next is yet another controversy on similar lines now sparked by Karan Johar during a literature fest recently held in Jaipur.

The filmmaker without mincing words recently spoke his heart out at the meet that was held at the Jaipur literature fest amidst the presence of author-writer Shobha De. During his interaction with the students and others, he mentioned that revealing anything about one's personal life can lead one to jail and that he finds the concept of freedom of expression a joke. He said, "Revealing in today's times can land you in jail. We're in a tough country to speak about your personal life and I feel really sad about it. Being a public figure you are expected to helm a certain movement, talk about freedom of expression which is the biggest joke in the world, I believe. Democracy is the second biggest joke right now.

Questioning the democracy and freedom of expression, Karan Johar further added, "I am a filmmaker and I feel bound on every level – be it like what I put up on celluloid or what I say in print. I feel like there is always some kind of legal notice awaiting me. Everywhere I go I am scared. I am scared of saying something in Jaipur because I don't know who will file a case when I get home. I have become like some kind of an FIR king. It's still happening around me."

Karan Johar has previously been embroiled in a series of legal controversies, including the recent AIB roast where an FIR was filed against the filmmaker for cracking obscene and vulgar jokes. He also faced legal trouble after the release of his popular film Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (K3G) way back in 2001 for using the national anthem in the film. Relieved with the fact that he recently won this case of K3G, Karan said, "We finally won the national anthem case two days ago which was started fourteen years ago. Finally I no longer have to apologize for putting the national anthem in my film in an emotional, proud manner."

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