Toolbox announces animation feature

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Pune-based animation and visual effects studio Toolbox has started work on one of its major IPs, a 90-minute 3D animation feature, scheduled for post 2012 release. Tentatively titled as The Dream Run, the flick is currently in the pre-production stage. Speaking to Bollywood Hungama, Chetan Deshmukh, Head, Toolbox, shared, “We have finalized the script and are refining the first draft of the screenplay. We have also designed the characters and are now looking for dialogue writers who can add flavour to the script.” “The look and feel of our movie will incorporate different styles of animation. Some of the ambience and environments have also been finalised,” he informed.

The movie, which is being worked on by close to 10 artists for a few hours every day, will be primarily in English and will be later dubbed in Hindi and other languages. “The product which we are working on is not only an India-centric but one that will also address a wider spectrum of audiences. Besides India, we will look at releasing the film internationally, primarily in UK.” Budgeted at close to Rs10 crore, the initial funds for the movie are being contributed through internal accruals. The studio will look for financers when it reaches the production stage. Talking about the animation film market in India, Chetan said, “We have a good market for animation features in India but the studios, audience and distribution channels haven’t matured enough as yet to embrace this business. Animation movies going on box-office don’t compete with other animation features but with Hindi live-action feature films.” “Animation has neither been a part of our culture, nor have we grown with it. If we compare ourselves to the West, the revenue model (here) is beyond the box-office. People opt for licensing and ancillary rights to generate the major chunk of revenues from their product,” he concluded.

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