Everyday Pilates for Kriti Sanon.

Kriti Sanon

Kriti Sanon

Kriti Sanon is extremely devoted towards Pilates which is a form of exercise that she got herself a trainer even when she was abroad for shoots.

The actor who is shooting for her upcoming film Raabta recently got back from Budapest.

Kriti is so addicted to pilates that she can’t skip it even for a day, while she was abroad she found a pilates trainer (Edina) close to where she was staying and had her workout session in her studio.

She commenced onto pilates from January this year because she wanted to try a different form of workout. “

Kriti shared, “I had seen a lot of videos of Yasmin Karachiwala and had heard of her from various sources. She trains me in Mumbai. Though I started in January, I am still a beginner. I do a mix of pilates and weight training. So, I end up doing pilates for an hour three-four times a week. It’s a slightly different routine every time I do pilates. There are various machines — from the reformer to trapeze to wunda chair and every machine has several kinds of routines and exercises that one can do. It depends on the muscles and target areas you want to work on.”

“I love pilates and it’s a fun way of working out my entire body. But the body type I have, I need to combine it with weight training. So, I do pilates every alternate day. Pilates increases core strength, balance, increases flexibility and activates every single muscle. Also, it never gets boring or monotonous when you are using springs, pulleys and your body weight. When I was in Budapest, luckily I found a pilates trainer (Edina) close to where I was staying. She had her own pilates studio.”

For that matter every actor has an unique workout regimen. Kriti also shared that apart from pilates she also does yoga.

Kriti is in full force pulling off everything, and pushing every envelope.

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