Before Madaari, Irrfan’s favourite film was Pursuit of Happyness

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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before madaari, irrfan’s favourite film was pursuit of happynessLike every father, Irrfan Khan cherishes his bond with his sons.
The actor also made this father’s day extremely special as he took his son to Sabarmati Aashram to introduce him to the father of the nation.
In fact his favourite films also reflects his love for his children, with one of his favourite film being Pursuit of Happyness.
He has always loved the father-son bond portrayed in the movie, it always managed to get a smile out of him.
Irrfan had been yearning to do a film which would allow him to recreate the bond a father and son share.
Madaari came along fulfilling the actor’s wish of being able to capture on celluloid what he has been wishing to.
It is a film based on the father-son relationship and this is one movie Irrfan holds very close to his heart.
Irrfan who is turning producer with Madaari, was extremely intrigued with the subject of the film.
The movie strikes the balance between being a thriller and an emotional drama.
He had in fact said yes to the script as soon as he got to know that this movie is all about exploring the father-son bond.
Irrfan now proudly states that Madaari has now, leaving behind all, become his favoritest of all movies.
The movie is all set to release on 22nd July.
Miraj Entertainment & Bharat Shah in association with present A Parhamhans Creations Productions, Madaari.
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