Ranbir is one of the best actor experiences Ive ever had – Karan Johar

Ranbir is one of the best actor experiences Ive ever had - Karan Johar

Karan Johar in a no holds barred video interview with Bollywood Hungama's Content Head Broadband Faridoon Shahryar in Chicago bears his heart out on the phenomenal Dream Team concert tour experience in USA. He also talks about Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, Baar Baar Dekho, Student Of The Year 2, Dear Zindagi and much more!

What you managed to do specially in Houston was something outstanding you know the spontaneity which you bring in that roasted naughtiness is brilliant. How does it flow sir?
We always have a great time, you know what happens when you have live audience and that too this large I think there is something that you just organically do and that comes out without any preparations. Like for me I mean when I am faced with wide audiences it's like you kill your own kind of self-consciousness, your inner kind of insecurities, of like performing in front of so many people and the performer in you has to spring out and I am not kind of organic dancer or performer but I do know what is it like kind to be on stage with thousands of people and I think that's one part of your personality that just has to come out, the fun part, the entertainer in you which is what everyone is there for.. for entertainment, entertainment and only entertainment. And I think that's what happens to me on stage. I tend to blank out like the fact that I am the film maker and I am supposed to behave in a certain manner who is actually there to entertain. So you can't take yourself too seriously, you kind of need to drop your guard and make sure that you do just that ….entertain!

I hope in Chicago you shall have the same energy that you had in Houston. It was outstanding, irreverent; you should go just all out.
You know sometimes you've to be careful because you've family audiences (Naughtily winks!) Chicago is also I believe full family. I don't want to kind of 'push the envelope' beyond a point.

Okay… And even in terms of as a dancer the way you just put the entire act that's like a surprise package for many as well. People have known that you are the host of Jhalak Dikhla Ja and you do full justice to that through your dancing.
Look I am always embarrassed when I dance but I do not bother about that because I think when you are Punjabi it comes with the territory. You should dance like no one is watching and if you are dancing people don't mind you dancing or watching you dance and the fact that they have endured me several times on Jhalak Dikhlaja that means that perhaps they don't mind that he is crazy, he likes to dance and let him go out there and dance and we are here for part of a tour and actually it is all about singing and dancing and you have to kind of go. When you're in Rome, do what the Romans do. You need to go with the flow so my introduction of course was first as I am walking and say hello speak on the mic and everybody felt that it should be at least 2 minutes song and dancing so I said go with the territory. So when you do it do it with the conviction and don't bother what some might think. It is weird for a filmmaker at this stage of his career to kind of dancing on stage. But then to many others I am saying if no one started before and I am glad that I am the first.

Ranbir is one of the best actor experiences Ive ever had - Karan Johar

Many would say that you are the one to start this entire NRI film making in a way and you have that entire non-resident audience in your mind while making your films and they have done extremely well… be it any and every film that you produce and the ones that you have directed and someone who understands cinema and trends very well.. how do you observe this entire young crowd that makes Dream Team. Even Katrina is a totally new version of herself.
I think that is phenomenal and they are all four years old in the business, most of them are like four or five years and I just feel that the equity that they have built in the last five years largely because of the films that they have done, songs, music they had but just incredible confidence which are carrying with themselves. They were packing halls; you must have seen yourself Faridoon. Thousands of people are coming to see these young kids. I mean it is amazing and I think it's like a great great great decision for us to be a part of dream team because I think it builds your equity with the third generation youngsters. You know they are connect like I see the audience is full of young kids you know that most of them are from student of the year and from other films. Parineeti, Aditya have done Badshah's songs, Katrina's magic all of them actually have been like you can tell them that there is an equity and thank god for this show because now we know that they do have a large audiences. And it was when we were very clear that the idea to this show was to build that equity and work on it and enhance it. The fact that Shahrukh travels across the world when he performs and builds his equity as a huge movie star. You know when he uses to travel all over the world then connect to millions of people that's what really also contributed to his global appeal. And in a very tiny way the endeavour is to do that exactly that with the younger generation of today. Be it Varun, Sidharth, Alia, Aditya, Parineeti, Katrina, Badshah's young music. The idea is for me and the team dream team all holistically and together to contribute to building the equity for this generation so that four years later when we come back perhaps I hope I am a part to see it, when I come back I want to see them as even huger movies stars with these global audiences.

Yesterday when the press conference in Chicago and someone praised the legacy that you've created and you said that izzat afzai ke liye bahut shukriya and also sort of love and respect that you got from Indians and NRIs for example… does it overwhelm you at times as you are an emotional guy?
What would I say Faridoon it's always humbling. I mean it's humbling that the moment when I am standing behind ready to make my entry and the roar that comes at the alaap music of the Dharma Productions logo. I get goose bumps every time, I am getting it right now when I am telling you. I think that the logo, the brand, that my father built the equity that we have tried to create for the company and impact that has several ages, the diaspora across the universe and world and it's just beyond my humility and my gratitude is beyond words what I feel. No interview no words no thoughts could really basically explain my level of emotions and most importantly my level of gratitude to people who loved my movies. I keep saying that there should be reinvention, change the logo, should we drop the aalaap and I have younger filmmakers who tell me that please don't do it just keep it and yes the alaap is slightly old school you know the aaaaa (Hums the Dharma Logo tune) when is it is like it's probably not with the syntax for today's cinema but there is a certain emotionality & history attached to that emotion and I think every younger filmmaker the ones like say Shakun Batra who did Kapoor and Sons, he was like dude don't take away that aalaap for me because for me it resonates the cinema I grew up watching. And I think to me that what I mean to answer your question. There is huge level of emotion that I actually feel when I stand on the stage and see thousands of people roar and the name that they have created. I mean today like I am just a product of their love and what else me or Dharma Productions for that matter any of the films that a film maker makes that the product that exists is the love of million people which goes beyond our country as I said in the Houston. I said you know the kind of love that comes from across the borders of our country is that much more heartening because they give that of much love because they are detached from their roots and I think that's why the love comes in emotional abundance.

Ranbir is one of the best actor experiences Ive ever had - Karan Johar

Parineeti and Alia sing 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai' in the Dream Team concerts and you are there on stage… Isn't that an emotional moment for you?
I mean they did surprise me because they told me that they are gonna do something but won't tell me what so when they did it I was like Oh Shit they sang 'Tum Paas Aaye…' Yaa.. I mean these kids you know Alia was probably 2 or 3 when Kuch Kuch Hota Hai released. And she's played… and like my father has held her in his arms. It's kind of strange that I have launched her many years later. I have seen Alia as a kid like a literally naughty scraggy hair naughty little kid my father used to give her chocolates every time he saw her and to think that I would launch that girl 10/12 years later is really ironic and beautifully ironic. So I mean at the end of the day it is emotional for me when this kid connects to my cinema and actually it is a beautiful feeling. Today the fact that we end the show on 'Shava Shava' is hugely emotional experience for me.

And now Alia is having the best year of her career. She was phenomenal in Kapoor And Sons, Udta Punjab and now Dear Zindagi is coming up.
You have to see her in Dear Zindagi I mean I am blown by that girl's level of performance and I don't want to say too much on Dear Zindagi as it is still a while away and I think Gauri Shinde rightfully should be the voice of the film but what I can tell you is just watch out for something special and spectacular.

Tremendous excitement for the first look of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. I keep on getting all the messages that when it's going to be coming. Can you please tell us something?
Ae Dil Hai Mushkil of course is my next directorial film and nothing is more exciting in Dharma Productions right now than the entire release of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil which is the Diwali release this year. We are also excited and we had a certain kind of a beat, certain kind of a timeline and a certain strategy in place that will reveal itself as it reveals itself. So yes we haven't released any image, any behind the scenes, nothing as yet because I believe very strongly that when we come we would like to stay one after the another in terms of properties in terms of units and I felt to come on too early is difficult to sustain the energy of any feature film. So we are very excited to release the first glimpse and then the second, and then the third. The film is very high on music, it has a lot of music and I believe very strongly that the music is most integral soul I would say the most important contributing factor to the soul of the film. And I believe that the music will breathe long, will have the longevity and I have lot of belief in the music so I can't wait for everyone to listen the title song, then the subsequent music after that and of course all I can say is that towards the end of the month you will see Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. Nobody knows anything about it, we have kept it very quiet as of now. We have kept it quit quiet for a reason because I strongly believe that once we are out there we will be out there.

Ranbir was outstanding in Tamasha and I think it was one of his finest performances.. Something about Ranbir Kapoor?
One of the best actor experiences I have had has been working with Ranbir Kapoor. He blew my mind about twenty times literally. I used to stare at the monitor and say wow. Like he is an unpredictable and completely unusual performing artist. He never ever does something, you expect he goes beyond your expectations every time. Emotional understanding & energy which he brings to a film he is just beyond the words. I have some working experience with some great movie actors in the industry and I have to say that I have to add to it very strongly and proudly Ranbir Kapoor to that list of amazing actors whom I have worked with. He has been… He working with Anushka, working with Aishwarya I mean has been just the most incredible experience and I would say I was most excited even working with Fawad who has a very special role it's a special appearance. He was brilliant in Kapoor and Sons and he has a special appearance in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil but it's a very strong role a very pivotal role and actually his energy is very indispensable to the film like I couldn't and I am so glad that he agreed very graciously to be a part of the film. In fact it was wonderful for him to say yes because it was a very special appearance but truly when I say you have to take essence of the word it was special that appearance. It's very important for his character to connect or to be a part of this journey the youth to kind of understand the emotional existence of the film. So it has been wonderful and I think to answer your question not just Ranbir… Ranbir was fantastic as I said you know exactly how proud I was to direct him and how proud I was to have him as a part of this film. But Anushka Sharma, Aishwarya Rai who I've been dying to work with from the beginning of my career, I think all of them. I had the best time, it was the 75 day shoot and I feel every day of those 75 days I am excited to go back the next day. It was very energizing.

Ranbir is one of the best actor experiences Ive ever had - Karan Johar

Sidharth has told me that 'Kaala Chashma' has crossed 5 crore views so something about Baar Baar Dekho
I mean I can't wait. It was given to me by Excel Entertainment. They sent me the script and it was a page turner. I mean truly it was a page turner. It's the only love story I have read in the last decades which actually makes you wonder right through this intrigue you're wondering where the film is going and where it finally lands and associated like never before. It was a truly… I never read a love story that had beats of an emotional thriller you know that's what Baar Baar Dekho is and all I have to say is that if you want to know what is future of your relationship is to which most of us should know because there is a lot of insecurities with every relationship and Baar Baar Dekho is a film to watch because it gives you those answers.

Tiger Shroff in Student of The Year and that film was very very special for you because you had these three youngsters that you have given to the industry. Tiger Shroff is an amazing amazing performer. Are you excited for the sequel?
Very very excited

And you are not directing it?
Because I think that now some much younger should take over the franchise and Punit is the right fit he is young director, he is today's energy and at age 40 I wanted to make my youngest film, I did Student of The Year. It released when the year I turned 40 and after that I was like I wanted to let the franchise go in the hands of the younger lot. I have handed it to very able strong and efficient hands of Punit Malhotra. When I read the script I said that there is no one better than Tiger Shroff for this. All the prerequisites that is Tiger Shroff known for and platformed on a supreme level is what Student of The Year 2 is all about. He is a brand fit for it perfectly and we can't wait to start the filming really excited and watch out now we are going to find some girl energy which I am not very specific about. You watch out but let me tell you the girl or the girls we don't know of Student of The Year are going to be interesting and very very exciting choices.

More heroes apart from Tiger Shroff as well?
No! Tiger is the only man in the film

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