Dune (English)

DUNE is the story of the son of a noble family who could be The One. The year is 10191. It’s a time when a group of planets are part of the Empire and all of them have set sights on the planet of Arrakis. Arrakis is an arid, hot and inhospitable place and the only group of people who reside there are the Fremen. They are dangerous and expert fighters. Yet, all the planets are interested in Arrakis as that’s where the ‘spice’ grows. It’s a priceless substance that extends human youth, vitality and lifespan and hence, it has a lot of demand in the Empire. For around 80 years, the House Harkonnen of the Giedi Prime planet has been in charge of harvesting spice in Arrakis. But by an order of the Emperor, the fiefdom of Arrakis is transferred to the rule of the planet Caladan – Duke Leto Atreides of House Atreides (Oscar Isaac). Leto and his partner Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson) are parents to Paul (Timothée Chalamet) and the trio are all set to go to Arrakis to take over the charge. Paul gets mysterious dreams wherein he sees the landscape of Arrakis. He also sees a girl (Zendaya) and is unable to decode what the dream conveys. It then comes to light that Jessica is a member of Bene Gesserit, an exclusively female group that pursues mysterious political aims and wields seemingly superhuman physical and mental abilities. Jessica invites Reverend Mother (Charlotte Rampling) of Bene Gesserit to find out about the dreams troubling Paul. Her revelations have a deep impact on Paul just before on his journey to Arrakis. Leto, Jessica and Paul arrive on Arrakis and while all seems well in control, they are not aware that behind their backs, a sinister plan is in motion.

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