DAM 999 to mark its presence at American Film Market

DAM 999, the 3D movie produced by Biz TV Network and directed by Sohan Roy, has confirmed its presence in American Film Market at suite number 321. The American Film market is considered as one of the biggest events in Los Angeles, showcasing movies from all around the world. Biz TV network, the producer of DAM 999 would also seek American Film Market to promote the movie. The plot of the movie DAM999 has been inspired by a tragic dam disaster which took the lives of over 2.5 million people. The movie speaks about a colonial dam, its disaster, the 9 characters and their emotions. It speaks about the exploitation of resources and atrocities by the politicians in the name of development which personifies the vulgar face of power politics of any country.

Dams have always been a major topic for controversies. They have satisfied only a minority group. Though several environmentalists have stood against the construction of the dams but their protests have never been fruitful. The story of DAM 999 revolves around a hundred year old dam and populace living around it. It raises the environmental issues that are caused by the construction of a new dam which would probably replace the old one and how it affects the inhabitants in that area. Development is a trick played on people, especially rural communities, to rob them of their resources and wealth, and leave them dispossessed and in debt.

In a sense, the movie is a mirror that reflects the unspoken miseries of thousands of people who have seen the disgusting face of development. It is a tribute to those who live under the terror of dam collapse. There are over 4,000 dams which have past their useful lifespan. Despite of been warned about the disaster caused by these outdated dams, they are not checked and reconstructed due to many political manipulations.

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