Movie Preview Moods Of Crime

Moods Of Crime is a gripping tale revolving around a centrally essential character named Pooja, who is a psychology teacher located in Mumbai. The story is based on the intricacies of the phenomenal capabilities of a human mind. Establishing itself around Pooja and two of her MA in psychology students, the tale is crafted to put forth the psychological potential of one's conscience.

In an attempt to reason out the psychosomatic tendencies of a criminal mind, Zubin and Niva (Pooja's Students) decide to venture into impulsive criminal activities. The plot begins with an experiment on CRIMINAL PSYCHOLOGY, and intensifies as this experiment triggers a series of unprecedented crimes which are seemingly motiveless.

The story moves forward with their various experiences of crime along with their discussions with Pooja on the same. By taking the audience through a rollercoaster of emotions during each of their ventures, the climax is used to depict the pitfalls of their adventures whereby they loose themselves to the propensity of committing a crime.

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