Movie Preview Operation Green Hunt

Krishna (Mukul Dev) and Parthu (Aditya Om) are childhood friends that grew up together. Eventually they get Krishna engaged to Parthu's sister Neelima (Aarti Agarwal). All is well till one day Parthu helps a stranger who as it turns out is a naxalite. Due to this police are convinced that Parthu is a naxalite as well and arrest him. They resort to torture and are unwilling to believe a word Parthu has to say. Frustrated and angry at his innocent friend's state Krishna turns dark and joins a naxalite group. This plan of vengeance backfires as now the police torture Parthu even more than before as they know that Krishna is his friend and want to know his whereabouts. Finally when Parthu cannot take the torture anymore he decides to take his own life. Meanwhile Neelima's life has turned around as her brother a suspected naxalite is now dead and her fiance is a naxalite. Society makes life very difficult for her and she decides to adopt the naxalite methods. Eventually Neelima and Krishna cross paths and are shocked to see each other. Seeing that they were in love and engaged the naxalite group leader decides to get them married but before that could happen Krishna is caught by the police. Attempting to avenge Krishna's arrest his entire naxalite group is killed except the group leader. Neelima goes to jail to visit Krishna but a corrupt police office Dayakar (Supreeth Reddy) asks for unethical favours if she wants to meet Krishna. Neelima agrees to do anything but first she wants to meet Krishna. Upon meeting him she is shocked to see the extent of his injuries due the torture that he has endured. To end the misery Neelima slips Krishna a pill that puts an end to his life. She then goes to Inspector Dayakar under the premise of fulfilling her commitment but all of a sudden rage takes over and she starts beating up Dayakar. She chases him on the streets and finally catches hold of him and kills him. She realizes when she looks up that she killed him in front of an entire courtroom. A shocked judge, police officers and others listen as Neelima goes on to explain her actions and how society and judicial corruption ruined her life. Finally ending it all by taking sinite and ending her life in the courtroom itself. Meanwhile the naxalite group leader who had escaped is caught by a group of people who want to change the culture in society. They explain to him that laws are made in the parliament and not in jungles. Therefore naxalites should come forward and choose the democratic way for the people and for the country.

"Dushmano ko mara jaata hai apno ko badla jaata hai. Is desh ka har nagrik apna hai."

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