Movie Preview Shortcut Safaari

'Shortcut Safaari' is an entertaining as well as informative, broad spectrum story that revolves around a group of urban, school-going Children (between ages 10 to 14 years) who get stranded – far away from their homes and families! Imagine what will happen when such a bunch of city kids get stuck in the deep of a dense forest! Seven of them… all different and quirky. That too, for three days- completely on their own!! Well… they have their share of fun- Naturally! In 'Shortcut Safaari'. To top it, they have a chance encounter with two poachers; called 'Kaju' and 'Katli' who are roaming the forest in hunt of a rare, clouded leopard 'Jimmy'. The kids manage to subdue the poachers and hold them captive, but that leads to a much bigger confusion… and a fun-filled roller-coaster like experience for the young and the restless! But… Actually… Who is the real Jimmy!? Come to meet him in this entertaining story of exploration and adventure through the eyes of these children. Who, in turn, gain values on mutual respect, team-spirit and perseverance on one hand; and the vital relevance of a sustainable environment with a balanced wild-life on the other. And the kids are- baby 'Tara'; big bully 'Ankur'; smarty 'Krituporno'; fashionable 'Hiya'; brave 'Rahul'; careful 'Samir' and wise 'Shinjini'. So, come and share their experience on 'Shortcut Safaari'!!

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