Movie Preview Club Dancer

Ria is a young,vivacious night club dancer in Mumbai. Aware of her parents concern, she has told a concocted story to them that she has married a young man in Mumbai and is a housewife, but when she receives an urgent call from her mother, informing her of her father's heart attack and their visit to Mumbai for further medical treatment. Ria finds herself in a logjam and in order to veil the deception she needs an husband to suffer her ailing father and soon she comes in contact with a dreaded killer by the name of Monty, who has killed the Chief Minister, is on the run and needs a temporary shelter to hoodwink the pursuing cops. They both come to a tacit understanding. She will provide him shelter at her home provided he plays the role of her husband. The deception works for a while but prior to her father's heart surgery, Monty disappears into the area leaving behind a vole of desperation and anxiety but providence comes to her rescue in the film of a young educated man by the name of Amit who has an uncanny physical resemblance to Monty, minus the beard and moustache. After hearing Ria's story, Amit agrees to replace Monty as her husband fortalice and the deception work to her advantage. Amit's congenial behaviour and amenable disposition was the heart of Ria's parents and unknowingly and unwittingly, Ria falls in love with him without the latter's awareness. Soon her parents leave for Patiala and Amit collects his money and leaves for his native place Goa, leaving behind a crest fallen, flummoxed Ria. She decides to quit dancing for good and start a new life, when suddenly Amit appears on the horizon with a preposterous proposal that stuns her. What is the proposal? Are Monty and Amit the same person? All this and more is answered in a gripping action patched climax that shall engage the attention of the viewers till the very end.

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