Movie Review: The Woman in Black

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The Woman in Black is one of the latest offerings in horror movies this year and it is a movie which is bound to give you a chill all across your spine. Directed by James Watkins, a young blood known for directing a few other horror movies; The Woman in Black is surely a good offering by him. The cast is what makes people attracted to the theatres the most to watch The Woman in Black. Daniel Radcliffe is the star of the movie along with Janet McTeerRoger Allam and Ciaran Hinds.

The plot of The Woman in Black revolves around a village which is haunted by a woman who is seen wearing black and kills the children of the villagers. Daniel Radcliffe is a lawyer in The Woman in Black who visits the village to take some papers from a house in the village which is even scarier with a location to haunt you instantly.

Once again, after Harry Potter’s flawless performance, Radcliffe has certainly done a lot of justice to The Woman in Black by playing the role of Arthur Kipps who is not just working as a lawyer but has a lot of disturbances in his personal life as he lost his wife during childbirth and now he is raising his child too.

Basically, The Woman in Black is a novel written by Susan Hill. This movie is based on that novel and brings the thrill of the novel wonderfully on screen.  The typical black crow, creepy windows, a rocking chair and mysterious voices in the house and the woods will keep you entertained all along the 95 minutes of the movie. Moreover, the charisma of Daniel Radcliffe is indeed spell-binding despite the thrill and suspense of the movie.

The much awaited part of The Woman in Black is certainly worth a wait where Daniel Radcliffe and the woman in black actually have the first encounter and the real quest starts. His personality and memories of his wife whom her calls the woman in white and a strange association of his wife and The Woman in Black is beautifully gripped and well-scripted.

Get ready to have that ultimate spinal chill with The Woman in Black and hold your chair tightly as it will surely bring a dreadful reality to the horrifying story of The Woman in Black.

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