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Be forewarned: GRAND MASTI is the most scandalous and outrageous film to come out of Bollywood…

The naughty boys are back! This time around, the MASTI team of Indra Kumar and the flirtatious boys take a flight of stairs, serving no-holds-barred adult humor to patrons. Sure, there have been comedies in the past — clean entertainers and those targeted at adults — but Indra Kumar seems to be the torchbearer of this genre, getting it right in a row [MASTI, DHAMAAL, DOUBLE DHAMAAL]. This time — you may have guessed it by now — it's much more raunchy, explicit, wicked, zany… and much, much, much more scandalous!

The audience has had its share of adult content in the recent past. Films like DELHI BELLY and KYAA SUPER KOOL HAIN HUM were lapped up in a big way by those who relish this genre. GRAND MASTI arrives after almost a decade of MASTI, hence it's much more wild now. The very first promo of GRAND MASTI prepared the spectator of what's in store, but the jhalak was merely the tip of the iceberg. For, Indra Kumar and his team of writers, Milap Zaveri and Tushar Hiranandani, go out of control, delivering adult humor — in terms of visuals as well as double entendres — that's sure to raise eyebrows.

Three married men, Meet [Vivek Oberoi], Prem [Aftab Shivdasani] and Amar [Riteish Deshmukh], are sexually frustrated in their marriage and decide to go for a college reunion for some no-strings-attached fun. However, the plans go kaput as they land up in a soup.

First things first! The title, GRAND MASTI, is a clear indicator of what to expect from the film. There's a hidden innuendo in the word 'Grand' and if you remove a letter or two, the meaning can have severe ramifications. Although the team that delivered MASTI is back with GRAND MASTI, the new endeavor is by no means a sequel. The title is borrowed, but the plotline is distinctive. What remains similar is the intent of providing over the top humor, with dollops of adult jokes this time. The witticism, one-liners and comic situations — on which GRAND MASTI stands — is indeed insanely funny.

A film like GRAND MASTI isn't plot-driven. Not at all. And don't even expect a story here. It's more about double entendres, [sexual] puns and gags and the writers go bananas to woo the spectator. There's nothing left for imagination here, nor does it hinge on puerile or kiddish jokes, since the characters indulge in some really naughty play of words. The humor, let me add, may sound provocative, disgusting and offensive, but come on, what are you expecting from a film like GRAND MASTI?

It's evident that Indra Kumar is at home directing comedies. In fact, his films are not subtle or subdued at all. The director knows his target audience and crams the film with just about everything that would make the hoi polloi grin from ear to ear. The writers, Tushar Hiranandani and Milap Zaveri, inject humor in every situation and the wit catches you by complete surprise [shock] on several occasions. In fact, the film boasts of several funny sequences, which should be a riot with youngsters.

Conversely, the film slips in the post-interval portions. Like I pointed out earlier, it hinges on a skeletal plot and relies on jokes and gags largely. The humor seems forced in the narrative, with the viewer getting fidgety despite the barrage of jokes continuing non-stop. In fact, the second half is not as entertaining as the first, but there's so much cleavage and skin show, besides jokes, that its target audience — the youth and the masses in general — might overlook it all.

The soundtrack of the film is plain mediocre. Dialogue [Milap Zaveri] requires a really creative mind to come up with such 'gems'.

The actors go all out to woo the entertainment-seeking viewers. Riteish has mastered the art of making people laugh and the confidence with which he goes about with his character catches your attention. Vivek is wonderful, shedding his gangster/negative on-screen image and enjoying the fun. Aftab is absolutely in sync with what his character demands. He's loosened up quite a bit and the comic scenes bear testimony to the fact.

Sonalee Kulkarni [opp Riteish], Manjari Fadnis [opp Aftab] and Karishma Tanna [opp Vivek], the three wives, are appropriate. Maryam Zakaria [as Rose], Bruna Abdullah [as Mary] and Kainaat Arora [as Marlow] add a lot of glamour to the proceedings. Pradeep Rawat is effectual. Suresh Menon is very funny. Oh, by the way, there's a cat and a crow to add to the amusement.

On the whole, GRAND MASTI crosses all limits and boundaries vis-a-vis adult humor. This one's *strictly* for those who relish naughty jokes, outrageous lines and scandalous visuals.

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