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This article was last updated on June 18, 2022

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USA: Free $30 Oye! Times readers Get FREE $30 to spend on Amazon, Walmart…A couple of weeks back, we spoke about the phenomenon 'name-esis' that is fast gaining momentum in Bollywood. Continuing the same tradition, this week's release falls under the same 'genre' as well. This week's release goes by the name of KUCH KUCH LOCHA HAI, which is an absolute reminiscent of the smash hit film KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI. Will KUCH KUCH LOCHA HAI manage to pace up the slow activity at the box-office… let's analyze.

The film starts with the introduction of Pravin Patel aka PP (Ram Kapoor), his family and the girl of his dreams Shanaya (Sunny Leone), who is a Bollywood actress. PP's family consists of his 'religiously religious' wife Kokila aka 'Krokodile' (Suchita Trivedi) and his son Jigar aka 'Jigolo' (Navdeep Chabra), who is an aspiring rockstar who are happily settled in Malaysia. However, they are totally unaware of PP's 'feelings' towards Shanaya. On the other hand PP's love for Shanaya becomes an obsession so much so that he has a secret 'worship chamber' of hers in his video shop! PP's luck hits a goldmine when he gets chosen as a winner in a contest whose bumper prize is a 'date with Shanaya'. Amidst the 'date', Shanaya, impressed with PP's Gujarati mannerisms, offers to stay with him as a part of her homework for the dream role of a Gujarati girl in her forthcoming film with a well-known director. PP, who just cannot believe his luck, lands up lying to her that he is unmarried and stays with his parents. On the other hand, PP sends his wife to India after making a fake call about his wife's mother's ill health. When Shanaya tells him that she would like to spend time in a close knit family, PP saves his skin and the situation yet again by convincing his rock star son to become his father and his son's girlfriend Naina (Evelyn Sharma) to become his mother! Does PP manage to pull off the 'child is father of the man' act flawlessly before Shanaya, does Kokila return to Malaysia and get to see the real face of her scheming husband, does PP ever gather the guts to propose to Shanaya and convince her marry him and does Shanaya ever get to know the real truth behind PP and his 'mysterious' family, is what forms the rest of the story of this comedy film.

The director of the film Devang Dholakia seems to hit the right cord with KUCH KUCH LOCHA HAI. Even though the film is not flawless, it does enjoy its moments under the sun. Full marks to Devang for creating a Gujarati household and, touching upon its nuances and finer points very meticulously. Even though the film has a long first half, the second half with his humor and comedy of errors pulls things back together. All in all, the end product manages to leave a smile on your faces by the time you leave the cinema hall.

As far as the performances are concerned, it is Ram Kapoor who carries the film, right from the word go. His portrayal of a middle aged Gujarati man obsessed with a hot and sexy Bollywood actress played by Sunny Leone is very much believable. There are times when he gets monotonous, but the film's plot helps him to pull through the role with ease. His performance in KUCH KUCH LOCHA HAI will definitely make you forget his performance(s) in the forgettable HUMSHAKALS. Sunny Leone plays the part of a famous Bollywood actress with aplomb. From making almost all the men in the film swoon for her, Sunny more than does justice to her role, which makes the viewer feel that she is quite literally living her real life on celluloid. Suchita Trivedi tries her level best to convince the viewers with her portrayal of a religious and 'pati-vrata' Gujrati housewife, who can, if the need be, go to any extent to get her husband back with her. She manages to make you laugh with her quirkiness. Evelyn Sharma, on the other hand, does what was expected out of her, as she manages to look sexy and acts well too. Navdeep Chabra despite coming across as a bit of an amateur in front of the camera tries his level best to put up a decent act. The theatre veteran actor Mehul Buch springs a solid surprise act in the film. The rest of the actors add their bit to spice up the 'loch' quotient in the film.

The music (Ikka, Arko, Intense, Amjad Nadeem, Dharam, Sandeep, Ali Quli Mirza, King, Color) is quite catchy and takes the story forward. The film's cinematography (A.K.N. Sebastian) and editing (Sanjay Ingle) is average.

On the whole, KUCH KUCH LOCHA HAI is a light entertainer that can be watched if you are a fan of Sunny Leone and enjoy Ram Kapoor's histrionics.

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