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Almost a decade after the release of the last part in the Jurassic Park series, we see the release of the fourth installment JURASSIC WORLD. For those who have witnessed the spectacle of the first JURASSIC PARK more than two decades ago and have grown up on Steven Spielberg's vision of the park, there will surely be feeling as to 'what new will this movie show?' Interestingly, JURASSIC WORLD soon puts this feeling to rest. However the question that still nagged was, will the new Jurassic film manage to live up to its predecessors in terms of thrills and chills or will it fade away as just another sequel?

JURASSIC WORLD starts off 22 years after the Isla Nublar incident, with two young boys Zach (Nick Robinson) and Gray Mitchell (Ty Simpkins) visiting their aunt Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard), who is the park operations manager of Jurassic World, a fully functional dinosaur theme park off the coast of Costa Rica. Upon arriving on the Island, Claire is too busy to spend time with them so she leaves them in the care of her assistant Zara (Katie McGrath), since Simon Masrani (Irrfan Khan) the park's owner arrives and takes Claire to see their new dinosaur, the Indominus Rex.

However, upon inspection Masrani tells Claire, he wants Owen Grady (Chris Pratt), a velociraptor expert to make sure the enclosure is adequate and safe. Owen is training the velociraptors to respond to commands when Vic Hoskins (Vincent D'Onofrio), head of InGen security, arrives and tells him he wants to use the tamed raptors as weapons in war but when one of the staff falls into the enclosure Owen must rescue him before escaping himself, proving that the raptors are by no means tamed. In the meantime, Gray and Zach leave Zara to explore the park before travelling on the monorail to the gyrosphere attraction.

However, all hell breaks loose after Claire takes Owen to the Indominus Rex enclosure and discovers that the creature has seemingly scaled the wall and escaped. Owen and two staff enter the enclosure while Claire heads back to the control center to track the indominus but Lowery (Jake Johnson) discovers that it is still in the enclosure, Claire warns the three as the Indominus appears out of nowhere and kills one of the staff and crashes through the containment door and the new beast escapes. From here on, the film becomes a roller coaster ride with the park patrons scrambling to escape the killer on the loose, while Owen and Claire are on a dual mission to rescue her nephews and put down this highly intelligent dinosaur.

The first half of the film is a visual treat (especially in 3D) as the filmmaker gives us a full tour of the advanced dinosaur park. The kids in the park have a blast exploring and learning about this ancient species through advanced technology. Zach and Gary's unattended tour in the gyrosphere, is certainly a look out for, with visuals that definitely make you reminisce of the previous films. Director Colin Trevorrow does a marvelous job of developing the characters, and setting the premise of JURASSIC WORLD while simultaneously linking it to the previous films. On the other hand, the second half of the film features unending thrill rides in the form of a cat and mouse game between Clare and Owen and the Indominus rex.

As far as performances go, Chris Pratt adds life to the character of Owen, bringing in his own carefree yet cautious approach towards training the velociraptors. Bryce Dallas Howard has the audience wondering at first thanks to her striking resemblance to Jessica Chastain; however she plays her character as the uptight park manager really well. Irrfan Khan has a very meaty role in this Hollywood big budget film and as always, he manages to charm the audiences with his performance.

The effects and CGI used for the dinosaurs are probably the best in the series so far. However, where the film lags behind the previous ones is in terms of overall carnage that unlike in THE LOST WORLD seems much more muted.

Overall, despite JURASSIC WORLD being predictable in parts, it does not fail to amaze you, developing into a fitting sequel to its predecessors. The film is for both, the young audiences who haven't seen the series on the big screen and also for the ones who have been following it for decades. JURASSIC WORLD is surely a big screen experience that is not to be missed, especially if you can catch it on IMAX 3D.

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