Stedelijk Museum’s New Sculpture Garden Unveiled

Stedelijk Museum Sculpture Garden 2024

This article was last updated on November 28, 2023

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Stedelijk Museum Plans to Highlight Amsterdam’s 750th Anniversary

The Stedelijk Museum has exciting news for art enthusiasts and visitors. The museum is all set to reintroduce its sculpture garden in the fall of 2024. To commemorate Amsterdam’s 750th anniversary, a diverse range of works from the museum’s collection will be displayed in the enchanting outdoor space.

A Revamped Entrance Area and Free Access for Visitors

The new sculpture garden will be located at the current entrance area of the museum. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore the garden free of charge during the day. Additionally, in the evenings, the captivating sculptures will illuminate behind the museum’s glass facade, creating a mesmerizing spectacle on Museumplein.

Accompanying the introduction of the sculpture garden, the museum’s entrance area is undergoing a complete transformation. The aim is to create a welcoming gathering place, featuring a seating area, a coffee bar, and a dedicated reading table—providing a relaxed and contemplative atmosphere for museum-goers.

Collaboration with Renowned Architect Paul Cournet

To ensure that the renovation aligns with the museum’s vision, the Stedelijk Museum is collaborating with the esteemed architect Paul Cournet. With the expertise and creative input of Cournet, the museum’s entrance area is poised to undergo a revitalization that harmonizes with the ethos of the institution.

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