Poem: Accident!

Twas a 1991 full moon ‘Poya’ holday iin Colombo!
Late for lunch, I hurried across at the crossing
and that is all I remember. . .

I regained consciousness after three days!
The mini-van driver who knocked me down
had admitted me to Accident Services
with swollen head, a collapsed lung,
an arm and eight fractured ribs
and nobody thought I would survive. . .
However, here I am in Canada,
with all my faculties intact
and though my aged flesh is now weaker,
my mind and spirit are as vibrant as ever

If Karma, that law of cause and effect is true,
maybe I must have made many a mistake
for me to break both shoulders and wrists
in different falls, plus get scoliosis too
to curve my spine to become five inches
shorter with severe osteoporosis.
Else I muse, though I am devoid of pain
how is it that I evolved to become
such an accident prone person?

However, from another angle
my experiences also denote the fact
that there are no co-incidences
or accidents in life. Just think!
How can creation continue
and life unfold as it does,
unless it is meticulously predestined
by an Omnipotent, Omnipresent Power
that so skillfully weaves this mysterious
multifaceted tapestry of the vast cosmos
with such splendour and precision?

After starting to explore my inner self
I learnt to accept my allotted ups and downs
and paved my own unique path to reach
my potential to the best of my ability.
Sure I made many accidental mistakes,
but my inside and outside match,
fear has flown away and I am grateful
that I grasped all opportunities
that came my way and am truly happy
and proud to be what I am today.

I do fully realize that it is no accident
that I am here where I am today,
even reading this to you all, basking
in your rapt attention – giving and receiving
love and understanding from every relationship
so that I can absorb what I have to learn
before proceeding on my pilgrimage of life.

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