Preview: Matthew Bourne’s Edward Scissorhands

I don’t know about you, but Danny Elfman’s score from Tim Burton’s dark 90s fairytale Edward Scissorhandssends goosebumps down my spine. So when we heard about Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures turning the story into a ballet, we couldn’t wait for it to tour to the North West – and here it is!

The Guardian have already called the show “enchanting and raptly emotional” so we were first in line when it came to bagging a pair of tickets for the opening night.

Edward Scissorhands tells the bittersweet tale of a boy created by a lonely inventor who dies leaving Edward alone and unfinished. Left with only scissors for hands, he must find his place in a strange suburban world where the well-meaning and stifling community struggle to see past his appearance to the innocence and gentleness within this myserteous outsider.

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