Indian version of Wuthering Heights hits British theatres

Ever imagined Emily Bronte’s classic tragedy ‘Wuthering Heights’ with its backdrop in Rajasthan? Well, that’s what you’ll witness if you happen to see Oldham Coliseum’s latest production, which showcases the romantic tale on stage, but with an Indian touch.

London-based British Asian theatre company Tamasha is staging an Indian-version play based on the famous novel at the Coliseum, reports Times Online.

The names of the main characters in the play would be Krishnan, instead of Heathcliff, and Shakuntula, rather than Cathy.

The costumes are Indian rather than 19th-century British, and the setting is the deserts of Rajasthan, not the Yorkshire moors.

Even the soundtrack has been given a Bollywood touch, rather than Kate Bush.

And starring in the lead roles are Youkti Patel (Shakuntula/Cathy), and Pushpinder Chani (Krishnan/ Heathcliff), from Tamasha.

They are all set to take the Indian version of Wuthering Heights on a tour of seven other theatres around Britain from Exeter to Glasgow.

The show’s originators said that there was already an Indian link to Wuthering Heights— Merle Oberon, who starred as Cathy in the classic 1939 Hollywood film version with Laurence Olivier as Heathcliff, was born in Bombay, now Mumbai.

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