5 Things To Do Immediately After A Motorcycle Accident

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Getting into an accident with another vehicle can be quite a traumatic experience. It is bad enough being in an automobile, but when you are riding a motorcycle it can be even more dangerous.

Most motorcycle accidents involve injuries but if you aren’t hurt too badly there are some things you can do to help ease the circumstances surrounding the accident. These five steps can assure that you will stay safe and help with any legal ramifications stemming from your accident.

1. Make Sure You Are Safe.

The most immediate concern after getting into a motorcycle accident is making sure that you are safe and away from the immediate area. First get out of the road and away from traffic and make sure that you are a safe distance from anything that could cause additional harm.

Special care should be taken to avoid any vehicles that may be leaking gasoline or other flammable liquids, vehicles already on fire and any damaged structures. The safest choice is to be situated away from any damaged structures in a highly visible area.

5 Things To Do Immediately After A Motorcycle Accident

2. Check For Injuries

You should immediately call 911 if there are any injuries. Few motorcyclists walk away unscathed from accidents and many of the worst injuries aren’t visible immediately. This is why you should get looked at by a medical professional even if you don’t think you are hurt badly.

Injuries to the extremities are most likely chest and stomach injuries are generally more serious even though they may not appear right away. This is due to blunt force trauma and internal bleeding. The most common injuries are to the legs and usually are in the form of broken bones. With proper medical attention these injuries shouldn’t be life threatening.

3. Stay Calm

It can be difficult to stay calm after an accident but it is important that you try to do so. You need to stay clear headed so the situation isn’t made worse. Watch what you say to avoid being found culpable for the accident.

Avoid arguing with the other accident victims or engaging with them in a hostile manner. Care should be taken to not inflict any additional damage. Lastly never assign any blame for the accident until the police have arrived on the scene.

4. Report the Accident to Law Enforcement

If emergency services were not required it is still important to report the accident to local law enforcement.

Not only might they be needed to reroute traffic but they will have to record any details of the accident to determine whether further legal action is required. They also will be needed to assign the proper blame for the accident.

5. Gather Evidence Which Could Help Later

With mobile phone cameras being ubiquitous these days taking photos of the scene of the accident right away before anything is moved is a good idea. These images can be useful if you find yourself in court for the accident down the road. If possible you should get a statement from anyone who happened to see the accident as well.

Most likely your mind will be all over the place after the accident and your memory may not serve you well. This is why it can help bolster your case to have a couple statements from people who witnessed the accident. They may have seen something that you didn’t or had simply forgotten about and that can be the difference in winning and losing a case in court sometimes.

No one wants to be in an accident. Not only are they stressful but they can cause serious injury and potentially cost you a lot of money. However by taking these following steps after being in a motorcycle wreck you will minimize the stress you suffer and make handling the aftermath a bit easier.

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