2016 Ford Focus Electric: The day to day EV life

Avoiding gas stations is part of the fun of an electric vehicle. Although, as you creep closer to zero percent battery life your anxiety builds knowing you can’t stop at any corner to get more juice.

The 2016 Ford Focus Electric has a driving range of 122 kilometres on a single charge, in my testing, I was able to get around 90 km to a full charge. Your driving style, and what conveniences you use in the car will greatly affect how much charge you have while driving.

In my week with the car, I did plenty of city and highway driving. Long highway cruises are not friendly on this Electric Focus. As you travel down the road you can see the kilometres dropping from the battery faster than you are physically passing them by.

City driving is where the Focus Electric really shines. Stop and go traffic is a joy to drive in as you try and get as close to 100 percent battery power back in regenerative braking. Ford encourages you to drive efficiently with their new SmartGauge and EcoGuide. This configurable dual LCD display in the cluster provides real-time information about how you are driving and how much power you have remaining. Brake Coach is also a neat function in the 2016 Focus Electric. Located on the left side of the speedometer, it tells you the percentage of braking energy captured and sent back to the battery after each stop.

With an attractive price right around $30,000 and the familiarity of Ford styling inside and out, the 2016 Focus Electric doesn’t scream green vehicle, which is great for those of who like the life electric but don’t care for showing it off. For those in the market for an EV, or even those on the fence, the Focus Electric makes a compelling argument.


Attractive price
Familiar Ford design language and controls
Electric motor with instant get-up-and-go


Limited trunk space
Electric vehicle range anxiety



Photos: Chris Bucik

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