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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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One expected some good fun in 'Grand Masti – Fun Never Ends', the book which basically chronicles the various escapades of Amar, Meet and Prem, the three principle characters of Masti franchise. After all, this Neha Puntambekar written book was meant to be a rare affair when it wasn't the 'making' of a film which was being put into words but some new stories were spun around the characters. However, the experiment fails, and that too big time.

There is no humour, no erotica, no bromance, no bonding, no 'masti' whatsoever that you experience when you flip through this 140 page affair which is more of a brief pocket book made of some short episodes.

The book promises, in author's own words, some 'rib tickling laughter', 'unexpected drama', 'frisky teachers', 'pot smoking sadhus', 'village belles', 'barely legal patients', 'besotted ex-girlfriends', 'demanding wives' and 'bunch of great ideas'.

Let's take them one by one.

Rib tickling laughter: Laughter? Did I read it right? There was hardly any moment where a smile came on, leave aside full-on laughter. If there was something that could actually induce laughter, perhaps those pages were missing from my copy.

Unexpected drama: Yeah, perhaps this was so unexpected that I am still expecting it to come along. Unless the idea of drama here was a run off of the trio from the goons which didn't come up with a single hold-on-to-your-seats moment.

Frisky teachers: If there is actually a student-teacher fantasy that had to be revisited, this one in the book was definitely not the one. In fact one would rather watch Aftab's shivering act of 'Yes Teacher' with Maryam Zakaria on a loop.

Pot smoking sadhus: Yeah, and what really happened there? The guys lost their way after giving lift to a 'sadhu', right? One of the most boring chapters of the book, it is as avoidable as it gets.

Village belles: No situation build up, no real flirtatious rendezvous and then a clichéd culmination with Hardik coming into picture and bailing out his friends, it is humour which is as juvenile as it gets. And no, despite Grand Masti too reveling in juvenile humour, it *still* brought on laughs.

Barely legal patients: Out of the blue, a girl comes and shares her childhood hots for one of the three friends. What does he do? Well, he shows her the door. Chapter over. Okay. Still searching for humour, erotica, anything….

Besotted ex-girlfriends: Based on 'Ab kya bataoon Mausi…' episode from Sholay, this one has a girl telling everything about her jacked past and an uncertain future. Yes, we are listening. And we are bored too!

Demanding wives: Now where was that? Oh yes, that stray episode about wives picking on their own evening out or something like that.

Bunch of great ideas: Yes, the ones that were lost in translation, especially in this book.

Price: Rs. 125

Rating: *

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