Book review Priyanka Chopra Road To Destiny

Book review Priyanka Chopra - Road To Destiny

Really? Did they actually plan to call this a book? And a biography no less, albeit unauthorized?

Priyanka Chopra – Road To Destiny could well be termed as one of the first unabashed 'Google search' book which does nothing but pick the filmy life and time of Priyanka Chopra and bring it together in 98 pages flat. With absolutely no context or insight from any writer/author per se, all it has is 'Editor' Indu Prabhu bring around pieces what are available in the world of internet and spin them around in crisp and concise chapters.

Frankly, this doesn't deserve to be credited as a book per se, especially in the digital age when the Wikipedia page of Priyanka Chopra has more (and better) information than what is presented in the text here. Thankfully, it is clearly mentioned on the book's cover that not just is this unauthorized biography but is also neither associated nor endorsed by Priyanka Chopra.

Still, one wonders what compelled the publishers to actually bring this out in their 'Personality Series', and that too at such a heavy price tag. Neither is the content new nor are the pictures (although stunning), all of which is seen before.

All that one sees is Indu talk about where Priyanka was born, her studies, rise to fame as a beauty queen, the films she has done, her charity work and her recent Hollywood stint – everything which is already available all around. There is absolutely no insight into Priyanka Chopra, the person, her struggles, her rise to fame, her standing in the industry, her family and her future plans.
If mere procurement of information around comments from reviewers and critics as well as stray mention of Box Office figures of Priyanka's films was the intention here then even that is not fulfilled as you don't quite get an idea of what she has actually achieved as a performer.

To add to the misery, there is an issue with the typing as well, what with the numeral '1' being typed as the English letter 'I' right through the book.

Skip it! Priyanka Chopra deserved better!
Price: Rs. 1421/=
Rating: *

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