Seva Food Bank Launches “Grow A Row” Campaign

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Following a tremendous inaugural campaign, Mississauga’s Seva Food Bank is proud to launch its “Grow A Row” campaign for the second year.

“Last year was an experiment and we are amazed by the response from the community” says Grow A Row organizer Amarpreet Kaur. “We encourage those members of the local community who are getting ready to harvest their own vegetable gardens to donate a portion of their fresh produce to the Seva Food Bank."

Produce can be prohibitively expensive for families with limited incomes, but is essential for a healthy diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables are highly prized items at the Seva Food Bank and are quickly distributed to families in need. Produce provided from home gardens is much fresher than any from other sources and is quickly distributed to clients.

“We can never have enough fresh produce for our clients ” says Manraj Singh Pannu, head of Client Relations for the food bank. “Eating plenty of vegetables and fruits can help fight off numerous diseases and illnesses”

Long lasting root vegetables like carrots, beets and potatoes are the most appropriate for the food bank. However, any produce items that can be easily handled and stored, such as cabbage, peas, beans, tomatoes, radishes, parsnips, sweet peppers, summer squash, apples, and pears are welcome.

Since opening its doors in September 2010, the Seva Food Bank has distributed over 200,000 pounds of food to over 900 families in need from the L5B and L5C postal codes of Mississauga.

The Seva Food Bank is located at 3413 Wolfedale Rd (Unit 10), Mississauga, ON, L5C 1V8. Donations can be made during operating hours on Wednesday evening and Sunday afternoon. 

The Seva Food Bank is an initiative of Sikhs Serving Canada, a registered not-for-profit organization whose mission is to positively impact local communities by acting on the basic Sikh tenets of sarbat da bhalla (the well being of all) and seva (selfless service).

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