Mississauga turns into Laughsville at MOSAIC!

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Novotel Hotel in Mississauga was abuzz with activity as people from all over descended to the venue to experience an evening of zaniness from three accomplished and well known comedians for the TD Mosaic Festival’s opening night!

Azhar Bin Laughin’ Usman, the funniest Muslim in the US, screeched in from Chicago while Nitin Mirani of ‘Komic Sutra’ fame, who has been hailed as one of the funniest people of 2012 by the Rolling Stone magazine flew in from Dubai, and then our very own home-grown CBC comedian Ali Hassan just wandered in.

The Three Stooges, Comedy Capers, Laurel and Hardy had nothing on these guys for the attending audience as they ripped the joint apart with their humour and had everyone laughing away to kingdom come!

The TD Mosaic’s International Hilarious Comedy Night of 2013 started off with the Mosaic executive team introducing themselves with one of them Gustavo (a Latino by origin), and dressed casually in a shirt and pants, cracking everybody up by introducing all the three comedians with a typical Latino flair saying ‘yes, I know all of you were expecting me to show up wearing a sombrero and… (he waited for about 15 seconds before continuing) nothing else!’ He had to wait for the laughter to die down before he could continue! What a start to a hilarious evening!

Ali Hassan came on first as host and recounted events from his everyday life that had everyone in splits! He then introduced Nitin Mirani, who made everyone laugh their assets off by imitating people of Chinese, Filipino, English and Canadian origin. Then he hit upon his own kind, Sindhis! It was a no holds barred evening of poking fun at everybody!

Then followed an interval as people went out massaging their hurting sides!

Back in again into the hall to see Azhar Usman who really showed us what master comedians are made of as he made fun of situations between Muslims and other cultures. Allah did really make him funny!

It was a superb kick-off to the first week-long South Asian festival in Canada!

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