The Trigenics Institute of Functional Neurology

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The Trigenics Institute of Functional Neurology was formed in 1996 as the need arose to pass on the knowledge of Trigenics® to other health professionals. The name of the Institute was changed in the fall of 2001 to " The Trigenics® Institute of Myoneural Medicine."
Trigenics may be taken by all doctors and therapists, including medical doctors (MD), osteopathic doctors (DO), doctors of chiropractic (DC), physiotherapists (PT), massage therapists (LMT), occupational therapists(OT) and athletic therapists (AT). Versions of the Trigenics program have also been created and tailored for certified trainers and coaches.

Courses in 2009 will be held in Canada, USA, Australia, England, South America and South Africa.

What the Experts say about it
“The multimodal stimulation approach utilized in Trigenics® is consistent with the principles of neuroplasticity and enhanced corticoneural reorganization of the somatosensory and sensorimotor systems.”
Dr. Fredrick Carrick, DC, PhD
Founder, ACA Neurology Diplomat program
“I found the Trigenics® functional neurology course to be extremely dynamic and useful. It was an excellent fit with my formal medical education, with special interest in physical medicine. Trigenics® has armed me with very effective and practical methods to help patients with neuromusculoskeletal disorders in my clinic immediately” __
Dr Irina Gainullina, MD
“For Physiotherapists Trigenics® has added many aspects of neuro-muscular medicine concepts for significantly increased results and treatment success which I could not have otherwise attained. It has actually also been a great “Plus” for the business side of my physiotherapy practice.”
__Line Troster, PT
“The Trigenics® functional neurology course is the best and most valuable course I have ever taken.
I am getting tremendous results easily with the most difficult and complicated cases. It has also significantly
increased the clinic income. I recommend it highly to all manual medicine practitioners!!
Dr. June Anne Kelly, DO, NMD
“As a Sports Specialist, I have treated many Olympic and elite athletes over the last 25 years. I have found
Trigenics® functional neurology, to be the most versatile and comprehensive treatment system I have ever used. The RTP® program was top notch with excellent reference material provided which supports the advanced neurology and science behind Trigenics®. Compared to other courses, this one is a bargain for the knowledge and skills gained.”
Dr. John Definney DC, FCCSS

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