This Makeup Artist Dedicated Her Latest Work Of Art To Lady Gaga

Unless your ex’s Netflix password changed or you chose to do a digital detox this weekend, you’ve probably heard that Lady Gaga’s documentary officially hit the streaming service on Friday. As expected, it made us cry, laugh, and really want to try some new beauty looks. But there’s one fan topping all other praise for Gaga: Five Foot Two, and it’s a literal interpretation of the masterpiece through makeup.

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Instagram user @Monster_dreia found the brutal honesty from Gaga’s documentary to be particularly empowering and created a makeup look based off its promotional image (above). As you can see, the inspiration shot shows the singer covered in swirls of color, with the eye art drooping ever so slightly.

Gaga found @Monster_dreia’s work on Instagram and quickly reposted the dedication to her personal feed with the caption, “This makeup is so beautiful and such an indication of the creative bond and passion me and my fans have for each other. Love ❤️ u.”

This makeup is so beautiful and such an indication of the creative bond and passion me and my fans have for each other. Love ❤️ u #Repost @dreia_pirezz ・・・ #GagaFiveFootTwo Inspired makeup ? I feel so touched by this documentary as for me it is so important the world sees a bit of what i see in some of the most important people in my life ❤️ i hope everyone will respect Gaga more and understand she is only human like all of us ?

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Naturally, the little monster freaked out. She reposted the same image again, but with a new caption: “I am so emotional, i can’t put in words. I feel its a dream…i just woke up and i have no words to explain what it means to me. Wish i could hug you tight and thank you for being so full of love, for still staying strong for all of us although it might be so hard….i just want to thank you for the human being you are …nowadays people tend to think of themselves first! You are the opposite! You are an angel that has been in my life all these years…. the most amazing experiences have been with you inside my heart. Even when i haven’t seen you for so long i was always sure you were there for me each time i cried or felt worse. You are a part of me that is eternal, its so natural i can’t describe…those who know me really well know what im feeling!”

Fans know that Gaga recently cancelled upcoming tour dates to take care of her health, so it’s nice to see everyone spreading the love in an entirely new way.

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