5 Celebrity Sibling Tattoos That Are Cute, Not Creepy

Blood runs deep — especially when it comes to the sibling relationship. Maybe yours drives you insane, or maybe you live across the country from one another, but when it comes down to it, no one has your back and gets your quirks quite like they do. And of course, there’s no rivalry quite like a sibling rivalry. If you want to win the title of best sister or brother in 2018, you’re going to have to go bold. The best way? By getting a sibling tattoo.

We know what you’re thinking: Isn’t that kind of cheesy? Not if you take a cue from Harry Styles, Jonah Hill, Bella Thorne, and other celebs who are inking permanent, and very cool, odes to their siblings. Ahead, check out a few of our favorite designs to get inspired. After all, there’s no better way to keep a family member close at all times (unless, of course, you want to move in under the same roof again, which we’re guessing you really, really don’t).

No one is more proud of Beanie Feldstein — the lead in the Broadway musical Hello, Dolly and actress in Lady Bird — than big brother Jonah Hill. In fact, he proved his fandom by getting the show’s logo inked on his forearm, with a slight tweak to the name: “Hello, Beanie!” Feldstein responded to the photo on Instagram, writing, “@jonahhill this is NEXT LEVEL. Love you!”

Presley Gerber, son of Cindy Crawford and brother to Kaia Gerber, recently unveiled a tattoo that reads “Kaia XXIII.” While the first half of the ink is an obvious tribute to his little sis, the meaning behind the Roman numeral 23 is a little less clear. A theory? It’s related to their dates of birth — Presley’s is July 2, 1999, and Kaia’s is September 3, 2001.

It’s not the first matching tattoo that actress Bella Thorne has with her sister Dani (the two have matching celestial designs on their ankles), but it’s got the strongest messaging. “If lost, find twin,” the ink — courtesy of tattoo artist Daniel Winter — reads.

Brooklyn Beckham got a minimal design that reads “020511” — each number representing the birth years of all his siblings. Romeo James was born in 2002, Cruz in 2005, and Harper Seven in 2011. But one Instagram commenter pointed out another potential meaning behind the tat: David’s birthday is May 2, a reverse of “02” and “05” on Brooklyn’s arm.

Harry Styles has amassed more body art than your average member of the Hells Angels, but perhaps the most meaningful is the one he has for his older sister: her name ‘Gemma’ in Hebrew on his bicep. It has been reported that she, too, wears a permanent tribute to the singer with the letter ‘H’ spelled out in Morse code on her wrist.

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