TTC Transit Crazy, Solar Flares, and Bird Flue Epidemic

On Friday night, I planned to take the subway train home. I entered the train, finding a stranger with an open canister of gasoline. Yes, the train reeked of such fumes. To my dismay, passengers were oblivious to this circumstance; all due to the fact most of them were wearing an Ipod.

Seeing this stranger in such a state of mental distress motivated me to inform the onboard transit official. After a five minute delay, the culprit had the canister seized by transit police and he was then escorted off the subway train.

In the last decade, the enemy was the terrorist, as promoted by the corporate media conglomerates. Now it is the alienated, isolated person with a laptop, gun, or a manifesto. Even an online author can be suspect. Every conspiracy theorist thoroughly expects a huge solar flare to knock out the electrical grid for days, months, or years. Fear. Fear. Fear. And paranoia too! Need proof?!

Such a new story would never be broadcasted by any media outlet. What can be another enemy? Germs. Imagine being in a mall, or a grocery store, or even an enclosed area, someone coughs, and you feel your life is threatened. Right now, the ugly specter of bird flue is rearing its head. A wide scale bird flue epidemic would halt public transit, air travel, and fuel the death business.  Maybe that crazy with an open gas canister on public transit is a small time villain.

Paul Collins, author of Mack Dunstan’s Inferno / Mystery of Everyman’s Way

Contact him on!/authorpaulcollins

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