Kennedys Are Not Happy About Robert Jr Running for President

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr

This article was last updated on October 11, 2023

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The Kennedys Are Not Happy About Robert Jr Running for President

Thanksgiving Dinner Fallout

There will be two less table settings this year at the Kennedy family’s Thanksgiving dinner. The extended family of the Democratic political dynasty usually gets together to celebrate this important American holiday. But THIS year, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and his wife Cheryl Hines have been DISinvited from the family gathering.

According to a Kennedy source, the final straw was Robert announcing he was running as an Independent for President. This decision potentially puts him in direct competition with President Joe Biden, leading to concerns that his campaign could pull votes away from the current president.

This disagreement has caused a significant rift within the family, resulting in Robert and Cheryl’s exclusion from the traditionally festive Thanksgiving celebration.

Public Endorsements

However, the Thanksgiving fallout is just the beginning. The Kennedy family has decided to publicly express their opposition to Robert’s independent bid for presidency. It has been revealed by a source close to the family that the Kennedys will appear in TV commercials endorsing President Biden, urging voters not to support what they consider to be the “cuckoo” Kennedy.

Political Disagreements

The decision to endorse President Biden and speak out against Robert’s campaign highlights the deep political divisions within the Kennedy family. While the Kennedys have long been associated with the Democratic Party and have a history of supporting its candidates, Robert’s decision to run as an Independent has caused significant tension.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been a prominent figure in the environmental movement and his decision to run as an Independent is believed to be driven by his strong environmental and climate change advocacy. However, for the Kennedy family, their primary concern seems to be the potential impact on President Biden’s reelection chances.

The Kennedy Legacy

The Kennedy family has a rich legacy in American politics, with several members holding prominent positions in government. From President John F. Kennedy to Senator Ted Kennedy, the family has played a significant role in shaping the Democratic Party and its policies.

With their strong ties to the party, it is understandable that the Kennedys would want to support President Biden’s candidacy and protect his chances of winning a second term. However, Robert’s decision to run as an Independent raises questions and concerns within the family, leading to the current divide.

The Future of the Kennedy Legacy

The fallout surrounding Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s independent campaign not only affects this year’s Thanksgiving dinner but also raises questions about the future of the Kennedy legacy in American politics.

While the family has been known for its unity and shared political goals in the past, this recent disagreement highlights potential fractures within their ranks. It remains to be seen whether this division will have lasting effects on the family’s collective influence and power within the Democratic Party.

The Kennedy dynasty has been a force in American politics for decades, and its members have continuously advocated for progress and change. Whether the fallout from Robert’s campaign will lead to a shift in the family’s dynamics or serve as a temporary disagreement remains to be seen.

In Conclusion

The Kennedys’ Thanksgiving dinner fallout and public endorsement of President Biden reveal the deep political disagreements within the family caused by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s decision to run as an Independent for President. The potential impact on President Biden’s reelection campaign has instigated tension, resulting in the disinvitation of Robert and his wife Cheryl from the family gathering. The future of the Kennedy legacy and its collective influence within the Democratic Party remains uncertain as the family grapples with this divisive issue.

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