Brother shares his younger brother’s bucket list after admitted to hospital on ICU

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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For his younger brother he wants to make a statement and spread awarness about cancer. Raj hopes the outings will provide lasting memories. His brother RJ, 34, is admitted to hospital on ICU because of heart failure and is in critical condition. The family is praying for a wonder.

Raj found his writing notes, music lyrics, poems after he was admitted to hospital. ”He was a very good writer; he prefered to pen down his feelings and loved music. He was good in everything he did”. Raj also found last letters for the people he love in case he won’t be able to say what they mean to him.

”We think that we are immortal and so the future really doesn’t exist for us. That being said, we worry about it all of the time, as we also worry about the things we have screwed up in the past, but we never talk about dying and never truly understand the speed of time.  My brother was aware of the facts because he tried to make up things in his battle. He always said you are the architect of your lfe. The storyboards are of your own making. We’ll no doubt tell lies and say that we had a wonderful life, that we wouldn’t have changed anything in the world, when really we will wish we had done things differently. Life is short that’s what he reminded us of”, Raj says.

”I don’t know one person who can hate him. He believes in helping others. A day after he was admitted to hospital I got a letter from a boy living in a village in Morocco who was blind and now got his eyesight back. He now studies because my brother paid his operation and study when he visited the country last year”, Raj continues.

To spread awarness Raj shared his brother’s bucket list with things he wanted to do before he dies. This list is a reminder that life can be over in a wink.

Bucket list

1. Organizing a langar at Times Square with V.

2. Recording a music album

3. Seeing my sisters getting married (no control over it)

4. Write a positive note every day

5. Swimming with sharks

6. To make everyone I meet to donate €1 to a cancer charity

7. Supporting charities with a donation

8. Feed 1000 homeless and orphan children in India

9. Identify people who have inspired me the most in my life and then let them know.

10. Start a charity or foundation

11. Make up with people I hurt

12. See, meet and feel H.

13. Kiss her on New Year’s eve

14. Going to Las Vegas with my best friends

15. Throwing a party at AER Mumbai

16. Plant a tree

17. Write 21 letters for my son

18. Spend a much as time I can with him

19. Put a message in a bottle and throw it in the sea

20. Eating at world’s best restaurants

21. Have a vacation with family in Finland and Iglo Village

22. Driving the ocean road in Australia

23. Gambling in Macau

24. Get a tattoo with the name of my son

25. Pay the studies of 10 poor children

26. Visit Shakti Peetha’s and bathe in the Ganges

27. Visiting Al Hoceima and the villages near the city

28. Write up my dreams

29. Shop and carry bags for my sisters in Tokyo

30. Make the birthdays of my nieces and nephews the best till date

31. Help as much strangers as I can

32. Learn to speak Arabic

33. Spread awarness about heart cancer

34. Sing Aaj mere yaar di hai shaadi @ my best friends wedding

35. Attending NBA Final

36. Visiting Udaipur

37. Having a family party

38. Sleep under the Brooklyn Bridge

39. Eat at the river banks in Benares

40. Attending a concert of Shreya Ghoshal

41. Disney World with my son

42. Get another degree

43. Visiting Ladakh and Leh

44. Going to Mauritius with H.

45. Get a massage every day

46. Let the people in my life know I love them

47. Visiting the village of my grandparents

48. Write my life story

49. Take as much pictures as I can and leave footprints

50. Be good for myself

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