SPACE….when I think of space, many words come to mind, openness, expanse, not confined, boundless, border less etc.
If Space has no boundaries, can the properties of space be defined as all that moves freely, or exists in any given moment.  Where does  this Space exist?  All around us, are we the space is the space in us?
Thoughts infiltrate space.  Words invade and fill up the quietness and silence of the Space.
What space does the physical body occupy?  Are we displacing space when we move around, and what happens when we sleep?  Space is both personal and impersonal, either ways humans, and animals both guard their territorial space.  Many wars, and sources of conflict stem from this desire to guard the "Space".  If we step back and figure out the source of this conflict over territorial or physical space, we move into the mind space.  The human mind space is a warehouse of thoughts, words, stories, wrapped with a big bow of feelings.  Every story of pain or pleasure, creates fear, this fear has many faces, such as desires, jealousies, possessiveness, anxieties, doubts, all the faces that fragment the soul. 
The journey of self-realization, through various practices, allows one to face these fragments with awareness.  Once faced, the fragments, rise in the minds eye like clouds, allow them to drift away, without getting caught in any stories of the past, present or future,   Then you replace the FEAR with the ONENESS of LOVE.  Creating a mind space that finds it easy to engage the peace, happiness, joy and bliss of life.

Tu Eres Mi Otro Yo – (You Are My Other Self).  A Mayan concept of unity, we learn to be ourselves through our relationships with others.

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