Heal Acne by Applying Homemade Solutions

This article was last updated on May 20, 2022

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Lemon juice is a very good remedy while getting rid not just of acne but also the after acne scars. The citrus acid in the little lemon it clears out the skin if rubbed onto the affected area, it can also rid suntans and sun’s harms on the skin but are very impactful when trying to get rid of acne and its consequences.

Along with lemon juice can be used baking soda, also known as sweet soda in many places. It also has a fastacting effect on acne a smooth paste made of soda and water application on face can clear out acnes and close down pores preventing more acne to break out.

Ice can be used to close down pores. Just like massaging the skin increases heat and makes the blood vessels expand thus causing pores to open, ice has an opposite action and it closes down pores. This closing down prevents acne from growing and also make already formed pimples to shrink down and eventually disappear.

Another method is to use toothpaste over the pimples. Toothpaste makes pimples die down overnight despite their size and appearance.

Toothpaste is composed of silica and it is this silica that reduces the level of moisture from the pimple and makes it dry thus making it shrink and being completely destroyed. Any regular toothpaste can be used for this function.

Lastly, tea tree oil can be used on pimples. This oil is known for its anti-bacterial qualities and what are pimples other than massive accumulations of bacteria on various spots.

Thus using this oil over the affected areas makes these simples empty of their bacteria, which obviously and eventually leads to their reduction and the clearance of the skin.

Pimples may be every girl’s arch nemesis but they can be treated easily without spending millions, they can be treated fromright at home.

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