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I hope you all are doing well. I'm back with a new DIY post for you guys. I am one of those mad heads who love to pop zits and extract blackheads. I absolutely loathe blackheads. And trust me folks, I’ve tried all kinds of pore strips and pore masks. Unfortunately, none of them worked for me, so one of my friends suggested that I should try a mixture of toothpaste and shampoo for the removal of blackheads. I was seriously shocked when I heard her saying this, since toothpaste is used for teeth and shampoo for hair. However, I was curious to see the result so I did exactly what she asked me to do. I made a mixture of these 2 products and applied it on my nose for about 5 minutes. It worked! It actually worked for me. All of my blackheads were gone, and then I gave her a tight hug for this amazing home remedy. If you have a super cute but dirty nose, give this DIY a go!

Here's what you need:

1) A toothpaste (Preferably Colgate, it's my favorite toothpaste.)
2) Shampoo (I like Tresemme, but you can choose whatever you want.)
3) Bowl (This particular bowl belongs to my mommy so if I am using it, I have to wash it clean as well.)

Mix a little bit of toothpaste with a drop of shampoo in a bowl. Apply this mixture for about 5 minutes and voila you're done. Do try this DIY and let me know the results down below. Also, you can reach me through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. It worked for me and it should work for you too.  

Thank you so much for reading and stay tuned for more updates.
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