Lotto Max fever rises again for Friday $46 million draw

Is the suspense getting to you? It’s getting to me. Last Friday there was no winner for the grand prize of $32 million so I have to wait an entire week to see if my ship has finally come in. Why can’t we all just get it over with and hand me the cheque?
Of course, I have to chuckle about being anxious to win. What fat chance is there that I would actually win? I looked it up. According to the National Weather Service down in the States, I have a one chance in 500,000 of being hit by lightning. Apparently, that works out to be one chance in 6,250 over my lifetime. On the other hand, the Lottery and Gaming Corporation says I have one chance in 28,633,528 of winning. When I did my tandem parachute jump last October (see my blog Parachuting: If God had meant me to…) I looked up the stats and discovered I had a one in 100,000 chance of dying by parachuting. Imagine my surprise when those same stats revealed that I had a one in 6,000 chance of dying in my car. Parachuting is 17 times safer than driving a car!
However, I am reminded of a conversation I had the other day with a colleague at work who runs the office lottery pool of which I’m a member. Yes, buying a lottery ticket represents a fat chance I’m going to win. But it’s a fun moment during the week of imagining what would happen if my turn at the brass ring came up. Ah, stars in my eyes; the world is my oyster; kiss good-bye to the salt mines forever. Ha! It is quite a euphoric moment. Then there’s that inevitable letdown as the ticket reader scans my number waits a few seconds then tells me that once again for the zillionth time I am not a winner. Oh pooh. Well, time for another ticket.
By the way, I had to become a member of the office pool because I would hate to be the only one left in the office when the ship comes in. A cousin in my wife’s family told me the story of being in an office pool and one week, he forgot to pay. Guess what? Yep, that’s right; they won. Everybody got $250,000 except the cousin! Boy, just how far would you kick yourself around the block over missing out on that one?
Okay, let’s move on to Friday and the latest pot of – count’em – forty-two million big ones. Who is going to the lucky soul to walk away without a care in the world? [me jumping up and down waving my arm] "Pick me! Pick me!" Yeah, right. I won’t win the lottery but I will get hit by lightning.
Lotto Max: Fri Jan 21/11: $42 million
6/49: Wed Jan 19: nobody won!
That pot of $2.8 million didn’t have a winning ticket so it gets rolled over to this coming Saturday’s grand prize which stands at $6 million.
Check out your tickets here to see if you won a lesser prize.
6/49: Sat Jan 22/11: $6,000,000
All the latest winning numbers
You can visit the Lotto web site and check out all the latest winning numbers including Poker, 49, Lottario, Keno, Pick 4, Pick 3 and Payday. Of course, all the Encore numbers can be found there as well.
Good luck to all of us!

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