Don’t let age become a fashion hurdle

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Bryan Adams might have popularised being 18 Till You Die, but we know better.
Ageing is an inevitable process. Earlier, stricter fashion rules forced our moms and grandmoms to dress to look much older than their age. But today’s fashionistas strongly believe in age appropriate power dressing – without looking boring.

However, some women still make the mistake of either attempting to hang on to their youth by dressing too young or dressing in dowdy, frumpy garments, adding unnecessary years to their looks. DT got the experts to tell you what you need to top that ‘Sexy Forever’ list.

Most fashion designers say that the rising levels of health consciousness in society has resulted in older women being fitter and flaunting toned bodies. “Today, older women are smarter and can carry off most designs with as much elan as a 20 or 30-year-old,” says designer Narendra Kumar aka Nari.

So what are the style essentials that a 40 plus women should remember? According to designer Wendell Rodricks, other than getting rid of stuff from the wardrobe, it’s more important that women throw away things that look from a certain period. “It’s most important to do away with a look from a certain period. Women who grew up in the 60’s or 70’s should not have hair or make-up from that period,” he explains. “Know your personality and choose clothes that complement your body shape and style,” advises designer Lina Tipnis. Wendell adds, “Cleavage is great at any age. So go for it, armed with a good flattering bra. Take away attention from hips by layered, sheer effects. It’s not as much about the clothes as it is about good skin, hair and natural make-up.”

According to Nari, short kurtas or blouses with well-detailed necklines teamed with elegant trousers look great on older women. “Though dresses are still seen as clothes for the young, the longer ones, that end just below the knees, can also be a stylish option for those women who can carry them off well. But ensure clean and elegant cuts,” he adds.

Wendell’s list of strict no-nos include minis revealing dimpled knees, sleeveless garments if cellulite has taken over the arms and most importantly, excess make-up. “Also, no branded bling bags. It’s plain senseless when an old woman lugs around a massive branded bag that looks like it can house a football,” he adds. Meanwhile, Lina cautions against mid-riff revealing tops. “That’s definitely one thing older women must avoid,” cautions Lina.

Sarees with clean cut blouses, salwar-kurtas that flatter the body shape and sleek trouser suits make for other options for formal evening wear. “Make sure you focus on accessories. They go a long way in enhancing the overall look,” Lina adds.

Nari concludes, “For today’s smart woman, 40 plus is not old. Hence, as far as dressing sensibilities go, unless they are trying to ape teenagers in their style statements, they can opt for almost any garment.”

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