5 Curly Hair Routines Our Editors Swear By

You know how people say that no two snowflakes are the same? Well, no two curls are the same, either. Every curly haired guy and girl can sit you down and tell you their routine — and it’d be totally different from your friend’s, sister’s, or coworker’s.

Like any other beauty or skin-care routine, maintaining your curls is all about trial, error, and a whole lot of product sampling. And admittedly, it can be a headache. But healthy and bouncy hair is so worth it in the end.

Ahead, five R29 staffers with type 2, 3, and 4 curls share their routines, along with the products that keep their waves, curls, and coils springy. Check them out, then let us know your favorites in the comments below.

Helen Ray, Associate Social Media Editor
Curl Type: 2B

photo courtesy of helen ray.

“It took me a long time to love my curls. After years of straightening them or trying every drugstore curl product I could get my hands on with little success, I’m at a happy place with them now. I have very thick, wavy/curly hair. It’s cut into a shoulder length bob right now, so it tends to curl more underneath than on top.

“My hair definitely looks better a little dirty, so I’ve reduced the amount of times I shampoo to twice a week, but I’ll condition my hair closer to three or four times a week. Right now, I’m using Peter Lamas Avocado & Olive Oil Ultra Smoothing Conditioner. It has hydrating avocado oil which helps a lot.

“While still wet, I towel dry my hair with a microfiber towel, which is supposed to reduce fizz since curls can get caught in terrycloth towels, then it’s on to products. My favorite curl cream of all time is the Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancer. It’s the first curl cream I’ve used that doesn’t make my hair feel crunchy or weighed down. I take a quarter-sized amount and scrunch it into my hair, emphasizing the top half that usually loses curl when it dries.”

“Recently, I’ve been using the Bumble & Bumble Don’t Blow It Thick (H)air Styler, which I love. I air dry almost every time to limit heat damage since I highlight my hair.”

Bumble and bumble, $30, available at Sephora

“Next, I’ll layer Hask Argan Oil for extra moisture and to reduce frizz.”

Hask, $2.99, available at Ulta Beauty

“Finally, I’ll add in Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray (especially if I shampooed) because again, my hair looks much better when it’s ‘dirty.’ Plus, I think it helps set in the products and hold my curl. I always shower at night so my hair can dry while I sleep. And in the morning I’ll touch up any curl that’s gone limp or out of place with a curling iron.”

Not Your Mother’s, $4.79, available at Target

— PAID —

Nourish your roots and help curls grow long and strong with As I Am’s pomegranate- and passion-fruit-infused Long And Luxe line.

As I Am Long And Luxe Curl Enhancing Smoothie, $10.95, available at As I Am.

Candace Whye, Insights Manager
Curl Type: 3C Most Places, 4A In Others

“Moisture. Moisture. Moisture. My skin needs it, my hair needs it, everything needs it! That’s why I swear by the LOC method to keep my curls happy and healthy. If you’re unfamiliar, the LOC method relies on locking in moisture with a sequence of liquid, oil, then cream. And like most curlies, I don’t wash my hair more than once a week.

“On a typical morning, I start my L phase by hydrating my strands with steam in the shower. I follow that up with Paul Mitchell Leave-In Conditioner. After that, I’m ready to seal in all that liquid with an oil. I separate my hair into sections (about four), and saturate with Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil. Finally, I end the process with a Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk by Shea Moisture. I am the wash-and-go queen, and love a bit of frizz and volume, so I’m actually quite stingy with the C phase and how I apply this cream styler.

“I allow my hair to grow exponentially throughout the day (with a little manual fluffing), and by mid-afternoon, my crown has reached its full glory. I compensate for the air-dry and minimal cream by always sleeping on a satin pillowcase — that’s the real secret for moisture retention.”

Paul Mitchell, $10.99, available at Ulta Beauty

Arianna Davis, Features Writer
Curl Type: Somewhere Between 3B & 3C

Photo courtesy of arianna davis.

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