What I Wore: Pale and Floral


Received these cute (and super comfy) Mavi Floral Red Jeans in the mail last week…I guess the news of my crazy pants addiction travel fast, huh? Well, if that means morecrazy fun pants added to my wardrobe, than I don’t mind it one bit.

Don’t be fooled by this outfit…last weekend (when I wore it) wasn’t really warm enough for bare arms yet, but it sure was warm enough for some photos with my jacket off. This weekend however…oh, this weekend, I am baring my arms and legs…for realsies! Unless the weather people lied again, which they have been known to do…in which case, you’ll be spared from seeing my neon WHITE skin. Positive thinking, people! It’s a thing.

Speaking of my ghastly complexion…Should I try one of those spray tan booths before my wedding? I don’t want to end up like Anne Hathaway’s character in that horrid Bride Wars movie…but I also don’t want to look like this either…What to do, folks? If you have any tan-related advice…or crazy pants suggestions…please let me know!






I Wore: Shirt – H&M; Jeans – c/o Mavi; Bag – Prada; Shoes – Zara; Bracelets – FAA H&M; Necklace – Forever 21; Sunglasses – Ray Ban

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