32 Newlyweds Who Tied The Knot At City Hall

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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For the couple who prefers a quiet dinner to a blowout affair, there’s no reason to throw an over-the-top wedding complete with self-brewed hooch, a 400-person guest list, and enough harvested wildflowers to cause a national scarcity. Nope — for the low-key couple with a proclivity toward old-school romance, aCity Hall wedding is the only way to do it. 

With that in mind, we staked out the steps in front of the New York City Clerk’s Office to catch the couples who’ve vowed to keep things real — documenting everything from their outfits to their love stories. So, crank up the Boyz II Men and make sure the Kleenex box is within reach — all you saps out there, this one’s for you. 

P.S. Can you spot a certain editor-in-chief in the mix? Congratulations Christene and Kevin!

Taras Dmytrenko can stand under Dasha Shuster's umbrella (ella, ella...).

The Columbia students said they fell in love at first sight...

No looking back, Dasha!

Our very own Christene tied the knot with her main man, Kevin.

Who else would wear Roksanda Ilincic and Opening Ceremony on her wedding day?

Hey, guy!

Kevin's Balenciaga sneakers aren't half-bad either.

Rosemary Rodriguez Cooper and Hurley L. Cooper, Jr. met on Match.com.

They texted each other for a month and a half, then met at Penn Station for their first date — a trip to Atlantic City! They've been together for four months, and couldn't wait to get married.

Check out Rosemary's nail art!

Congrats, you crazy kids!

Lin Nie and Steve Jamison met at work.

Lin's tiny bouquet is classic and stunning — sort of like her!

Hypnotherapist Maeva Althaus-Veron and cinematographer Carlos Veron met at the Jane Hotel

They've got the rest of their lives to decide who's got the better head of hair.

A pretty bouquet for a pretty ceremony.

Kim and Rod Blake worked together 30 years ago... and are finally getting hitched.

What a beaut!


Project manager Catalina Benedict and music producer Jonathan Benedict met at a restaurant while visiting the owner, a mutual friend.

Catalina's got another surprise...

...in addition to the sparkles on the back of her dress...

Surprise! The newlyweds have a little one on the way!

Isabelle Turcotte and Sergio Ferragut met in the Netherlands while finishing up their studies.

A tiny bunch of wildflowers.

These days, Isabelle works in International Development and Sergio works at the UN.

Not so fast, buddy.

Latoya Battle and Karen Harrington met in school.

Dainty rosettes in Latoya's hair.

Leah Taylor from Flavorpill and her new hubby, actor Alex Dunbar.

A gorgeous bouquet of fall florals.

Show 'em off, kids.

They owe their introduction to Leah's coworker and Alex's comedy partner.

Job developer Takiya Ross and construction worker Blondell Ross met at a mutual friend's party.

Students Emily Zubernis and Dan Crossen met through their English Ph.D. program.

We spot a lil' something blue!

A close-up look at those babies.


Zubair Khan and Arti Bhatt met through friends.

Arti's knockout bracelets.

You're a lucky one, Zubair!

Meet Catherine and Pierre, who met through friends ten years ago.

Catherine is a special education teacher.

Lookin' good, Pierre.

Server Stefania Franja's polka-dot dress is so sweet!

A mix of lavenders, purples, and violets.

Stefania met Andrew outside the IFC movie theater.

Bartender Jen Lynn Maybin and musician Hampus Sward got the color-coordinating memo.

The couple met in Italy.


Photographed by Winnie Au

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