How To Get Ready FAST In The Morning

No matter if you’re a repeat-snooze-button offender or get up at the same time every morning without even needing an alarm, a more relaxing, efficient, and lovelymorning is always very much welcome. If only there were a magic button we could press, so we’d never again have to experience that 8:00 a.m. lost-phone panic, the horrible feeling of standing naked in front of the closet without a single idea of what to wear, or the chocolate-bar breakfast, scarfed down on the mad dash to work. We haven’t yet found said magic button, but we have found 12 things you can start doing right now to reduce your morning anxiety (as well as shave minutes off your routine). Snoozers and morning grumps? Get ready to add another fifteen minutes to your slumber.



Don’t waste time plotting out your outfit — Use that time in the shower or while you’re brushing your teeth to visualize your day’s look. Plan out everything — and try not to forget it! — and getting dressed afterward will be a breeze.


Don’t forget to eat — Some of you out there don’t eat breakfast, but you should. Jumpstarting your metabolism as soon as you wake up, fuels your body and also gives you the mental clarity to pull yourself together before a big day. Sure, it won’t save you any time, but it’ll give you the energy to zip through the rest of the morning’s tasks, including your first few checkpoints at work. (Tip: We like pre-boiled eggs on toast, low-sugar granola, or just a plain full-fat yogurt…no nonfat for us!).


Steam instead of iron — Something need ironing? You can still wear it, just hang anything that needs to be un-wrinkled in the bathroom the night before (so you don’t forget in your groggy A.M. state). As you shower the next morning, the light wrinkles will get steamed out (note: this doesn’t work for heavy-duty wrinkles in thicker fabrics).

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Create a closet lookbook — Create your own lookbook of favorite outfits by pasting tear-sheets of looks you love from magazines in a notebook. When you’re at a loss for what to wear, give it a glance to jump-start your inspiration.


No sprawling allowed — How much time have you wasted by bounding from bathroom to vanity to kitchen to bedside table, to locate everything you need to primp in the morning? Keep all your toiletries and makeup products in one area, so you don’t have to run around.


Keep your bag organized — How many of you out there struggle to leave the house because you can’t find your keys, your wallet, or your prescription? Take the time to keep your purse organized and clean…there’s nothing worse than watching the morning escape you while digging around through empty wrappers and leaky pens…so, get it together.


Know your secret weapon: A dress is — hands down — the easiest item of clothing to wear. Choose one in a pattern and in a structured cut, and you’ll instantly look put together.


Let your jams keep you on track — Create a custom playlist on your phone and start playing it as soon as you hop out of bed. Slip the phone into the pocket of your robe or pajama pants and let the music keep you on track — two songs, and you should be out of the bathroom; three, and you should be dressed. Plus, with the music playing, you’ll never misplace your phone.


Shower with some support — If you’re really short on time, keep a toothbrush and a bottle of face wash in the shower and brush your teeth and wash your face while you’re lathering up.


Work with wet hair — Blowdrying your hair is a huge time suck, but if you’re showering in the morning, it’s sometimes the only way for unruly-headed ladies to make sure they look presentable during the day. Why not try out a wet hairstyle? With enough practice, you’ll be able to style it in under a minute, and it’ll look bomb dry once it dries, as well.


Pre-game prep — The reason why most women are short on time in the morning isn’t because they’re oversleeping, it’s because they’re over-tasked. So, every night before you go to sleep, make a to-do list of all the things on your mind and that you’d like to accomplish the next day. We guarantee, you’ll not only sleep easier, but you’ll start the next day with a clearer head, which inevitably makes it easier to get out the door in one piece.


Refine your beauty routine — Know what few products or steps make the biggest and quickest impact and make that your daily routine (for us, that’s mascara, a lipstick, a salt spray, and a tinted moisturizer). Unless you get up at the crack of dawn, Tuesday morning before an early meeting probably isn’t the time to experiment with hot rollers…so, keep it simple. (10 min)

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