Take The Tie-Dye Trend To Another Level With Your Nails

Tie-dye has essentially become the official DIY uniform of this spring and summer, with "tie-dye at home" searches going up 462% on Pinterest. But what if you want to keep the throwback trend going strong without soaking another batch of Hanes t-shirts in the bathtub? That's simple: Make like Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid and translate the pattern into nail art form.

The process here requires a little more finesse than vats of dye and rubber bands. Artists are recreating the effect by carefully painting polish onto the nail in individual swirls, then pulling a striping brush through the center before the polish dries to create the spiral effect. Tie-dye has always been about that imperfect homespun finish, so if you can't quite nail it, no stress — it's all groovy, baby.

Jenner posted this mani-pedi shot to her Instagram feed showing off her pastel tie-dyed acrylics and '90s-style toe rings.

Mei Kawajiri gave Gigi Hadid multicolored tie-dye designs to ring in her birthday last year.

Creating various effects will give your multi-hued manicure an abstract approach as seen here with diagonal, horizontal, and circular designs.

It's only right that you have fun with your tie-dye manicure, so let your imagination run wild with different motifs and accents like smiley faces.

Celebrity nail artist Mary Sol took the tie-dye trend to the next level by adding it as an accent in this neon manicure.

South Korean nail-artist trailblazer Park Eunkyung of Unistella ditched pastels and metallics for bright shades in pink, yellow, green and blue, fashioned into a psychedelic swirl and printed onto classic almond-shaped nails.

For an elegant, deconstructed take on tie-dye, consider incorporating a stripe on otherwise neutral nails.

Coffin nails aren't going anywhere fast, according to Instagram nail artist Hannah Schewel, who combined tie-dye with a calligraphy font.

If you aren't feeling a whole nail, California-based nail artist Julie Ventura makes a case for the negative space vibe, with a single tie-dye strip down the center. The tie-dye effect looks just as good on short, natural nails as it does on longer acrylics.

A matte top coat creates a dry, dusty finish that pairs perfectly with a sunset-inspired color scheme.

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