Wearing Scarf & Stole in Winter Fashion Season

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Scarves and stoles add style and color to your outfit and can change your look from an indoor lady to a dandy upper class chick. Men can experiment with various scarves as well. Let us check out what novel way you can add to the style of wearing them this winter.
The first and foremost thing is to choose the right color of the scarf and stole with your dress. The latest ramp narrative tells that 70’s style of simple themed scarves is back in the fashion and looks totally sexy. Bright colors, again, are making it big this year. For some reason, 2012 is all about being loud, bold and of course, beautiful. Choose some bright colors in the stoles and the scarves that go with your dresses.
Next comes the texture of the stole and scarf.  The inside scoop from the fashion magazines say that light textured stuff is in vogue. While you buy the scarf, keep in mind that it is neither too summery nor too heavy. It should be appropriate and have winter texture to protect you from chilly cold. Prefer comfort and once you are comfortable, look out for style.
Now we come to the most important part i.e. creative ways of wearing a stole or a scarf. This is the most interesting part and there are a number of ways you can try. The most conservative way suggests to wrap it around your neck and look snug. Likewise, you can tie its ends and add the loveliness or elegance to it.
The latest trend is to wrap the scarf around your bottom… like a belt. This way you will look hip with a thin waist. This style brings an additional credit to your whole image. Another creative way to wear it as a headband like a bandana.
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