Makeup Tips for Winters

Aside from a number of changes that winter brings, winter makeup technique alters with the weather as well. Your skins tends to lose moisture and starts looking dull. Wearing makeup on dull and dry skin will accentuate or perhaps speed up the wrinkling process. So what to do? Follow the three winter makeup tips:

1. Always keep your skin moisturized.

Skin remains dry in winters and the dryness increases if you wash your face with a soap other than the moisturizing one. The correct technique to wearing winter makeup is to give your skin extra moisturizer before applying the foundation. Or you can mix the foundation cream with body lotion and smooth it out with the help of a sponge. Your skin will feel supple and radiant. Now apply rest of the makeup.

2. Go for rather smoky eyes this winter.

If you know the art of wearing eye-shadows then you can wear eye-liner, mascara along with different shades of grey and black to accentuate your eyes. Smokey eyes are a hot in this season. Do learn or experiment with it this technique.

3. Wear shimmer makeup this season.

Last but not the least of the winter makeup tips is to wear shimmer makeup this season. Kiss good bye to the sun-kissed soft look of summer and hug the bold winter fashion. Wear shimmers and gloss on your lips and eyes. Add the magic to your look by throwing some fairy dust around the eyes and on your cheeks along with a splash of it in your hair.

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  1. Totally agree with the post, especially about the “sun-kissed soft look” lol… IMHO the winter look is much more elegant and feminine. Regarding the skincare now there are the so called “BB creams”, namely a new concept of daily cosmetic with three specific properties: SPF, Concealer and moisturizing.

    I would suggest, however those of Asian production, precisely Japanese (original “BB creams”) because the American versions are filled with useless chemicals and colorants, therefore the risk of a greasy skin and fake tanning is almost guaranteed!

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