Beauty: 5-Minute Manicure with ImPress Press-On Manicure by Broadway

Today’s post is a DIY of sorts, but not really. What I mean is, I’ll show you how you can take your nails from janky to shiny in 5 minutes – no nail polish or manicure skills required.

First of all, I’d like to admit that I suck at manicures. My real nails are short, stubby, and brittle (see below). If my nails grow past that finger threshold, they are guaranteed to break, which is why for the most part, I don’t even try. Last year, I got some free samples of imPress Press-On Manicure kits, and my first reaction was: “Pfft, sticker nails? AS IF!”But then…I tried them!

Following the instructions, I emptied the little bottle on my table, and selected 10 stickers that fit my own nail sizes by putting them over my nails.

After my top ten selection was made, I laid them out on a towel in order not to mix up the press-on sizes. Using the prep pad, I wiped my natural nails to provide a clean and smooth surface for best adhesion.

Pulling on the extended clear plastic tab, I removed the clear backing from the nail and gently pressed it onto my pinkie. Not too bad, right? Repeat 9 more times.

After a couple of minutes, my fingernails were no longer stubby and brittle, instead, I had 10 shiny nails on my fingers. Using the nail file, I filed my little fake nails into my preferred shape (you can trim them too!), and just like that…I WAS DONE! No messy nail polish to remove from my cuticles, no worrying about smudges or drying time. They last an entire week, and are pretty comfortable to wear. And best of all, unless you look at them really closely, all that everyone else will see is a fantastic manicure!

Removal is also very easy. Just peel them off gently. Admittedly, it does feel weird at first, but after a nail or two, you won’t even notice. I’ve done this numerous times now, and I have yet to damage a nail.

Since I first tried these little stickers back in the fall, they have become an important part of my getting dressed up routine…especially when I don’t have time (or nail length) to get a real manicure. And even when I do get an actual manicure, my nails never look as perfect as they do with imPress…even le bf approves! I’ve applied them minutes before running out to an event, on the plane, in the bathroom at work – that’s the beauty of it – all you need is 5 minutes!


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