Men Styling by the Numbers

Remember when you could tell the difference between your son’s and your daughter’s clothes when sorting them out for laundry? Yeah; it sure puzzles everybody. Back in the day we knew men’s wear by their decency and stereotypical designs.

Gender equality and feminism are quite popular these days; although a handful people really know what they really stand for. I believe men have found their own ways to help gender equality reach a platform. Turquoise pants? Man thongs? Skinny jeans? Men’s swimsuits? Long boots? Seriously guys? It is one thing to follow a trend and completely another to not differentiate masculinity from femininity.

Whitney Houston said, and I quote: “I like being a woman, even in a man’s world. After all men can’t weardresses, but we can wear the pants.” I think you are about to be proven wrong missy. Men these days are seriously trying to prove you wrong.

Let’s try and enlist the ‘Men’s Fashion’ in order of their popularity.

1. Pants:

Who doesn’t love dressing up? I know I do. There’re Jeans, Denims, Cargoes. And then there are Skinny Jeans and Chinos. I mean who thinks of this stuff? What are they trying to do? And the colors. Turquoise? Red? Orange? Yellow?

You know what happened here? The designers forgot whom they were meant for, and made women’s colors into men’s pants. Come on! You were born a guy. Dress up like one. You cannot walk around embarrassing men. Don’t be Lucien Cram ‘girl pants’ from The Cramp Twins.

Swag is for boys. Class is for men. Man up!

2. Shoes:

People who love clothes obviously love shoes. They give you something to start a conversation with. “Hey! Love those shoes girl.” I’ve heard a lot of women complementing each other for their shoes. And even more, fighting over the last pair on sale. Shoes are evil man. I tell you. They make people do things. Bad things. Very bad things.

I myself have been caught, and have caught people, checking women out. Specifically women wearing long boots. They look good on women. Women! Women only! Municipal workers, military personnel and those working in the poles are duty bound to wear long boots. It’s a professional requirement; not a choice.

And what’s with the bright colored shoes man? They literally shine. Not in a manly way like black and brown leather shoes do; but in a ‘hey look at this guy wearing girl shoes’ way.

3. Mufflers:


Winter are here, so is the time to take out your mufflers. Mufflers give a class to men and enhance their personality. So don’t hesitate to carry a muffler, just wear it and keep yourself warm and classy at the same time.

4. Hair Styles:

The times are tough; but not that tough. It won’t hurt to visit a hair dresser once in a while. Don’t make them go outtabusiness.

Braided hair and pony tails? These days, soccer players are misleading the world in the field of hair styling. I mean’ who shaves their heads from the sides and leaves hair in the middle?

Did the power go out while you were shaving your head? Or was it too much exercise for one day for a lazy bum? Come on guys, get a haircut. A proper haircut; with sense and proportions.

5. Tuxedo:

Formally dressing is a part of man’s daily life. Tuxedos are now in fashion which makes you look in shape and comes in slim fit. It fits you perfectly giving you a hunky and dashing look. Three piece suits are off the list for now.

6. Jackets:

Leather jacket in the men closet is a must, it can be worn quite easily with any shirt and pant. It gives a very dandy look and it a class symbol as well. Therefore it is an important accessory every men should possess.

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