Styled By Nelia: Shopping for a Winter Coat

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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There’s no denying it, winter is coming. And to help you avoid freezing your buns off when the snow hits the ground, we stopped by the new RUDSAK store at Yorkdale to break down what makes a winter coat great.

There are three important features that I always look for in a coat – warmth, fit, and style. 


This one’s pretty obvious – a winter coat must keep you warm when the temperatures drop. Of course, a down-filled parka is the most popular choice, guaranteeing that you will stay nice and toasty on the most frigid of days. But don’t overlook the wool options, if the puffer look just isn’t your thing. With a little creative layering (a wool sweater underneath should do in a pinch), a wool coat can keep you just as warm as a puffer. You also want to keep in mind details like the inner dickey, which will prevent those wind chills from getting to you, and cozy hoods to keep your noggin warm and dry.


Some people tend to go for a larger size winter coats, to make sure that they can pile a few sweaters underneath, but here’s the thing – you may be doing it wrong by getting the wrong size. You want to make sure that your coat is snug, but not tight, allowing for a sweater underneath. But as long as your coat is good quality, there’s no way you’ll need room for several layers. The roomier your coat is, the more air it will let in, and the colder you will be, so make sure to keep it nice and fitted.


Last, but certainly not least, you want to look good in your coat. It’s easy to give up on style, when the weather outside is frightful, but with a stylish coat, you really don’t have to. Instead of choosing a predictable black topper, you can go for a printed, or a colourful option instead, or choose a coat with cool details like leather and fur trim. Throw in a couple of fun accessories like a statement scarf, and a pair of sleek gloves, and voila – you’ve managed to look good in the winter!

Hope these easy tips help you in your search for that perfect winter topper, and make sure to pay a visit to the new RUDSAK store at Yorkdale for a selection of warm and stylish coats!

Photo Credits: Max Kopanygin

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