Makeup Horror Stories Tale of a lipstick

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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I'm back with a new post for you guys. I was struggling with a creative block when this idea popped up in my mind, and I quickly decided that I should do a post on this particular topic. We all have times when we get super embarrassed because of our makeup, and I've had quite a few bad experiences in the past that I do not want to recall. But I'm willing to share a few with you guys. I do not want to sit in an award function with my liquid lipstick smeared all over my chin. No kidding, that really happened. I wore a simple look to Karawood International Film Festival Awards, and ended up looking like a vampire. I had my scarlet lipstick smeared all over my chin. The lipstick that I used was colourpop's ultra-matte lipstick in shade Avenue.
Let me remind you of the fact that I am in love with dark, bold and vampy lip colors, and I often buy them even though I have a thousand different shades already. I keep buying more and more, because I cannot have enough of those. I was not wearing a lip liner underneath my lipstick, and it turned out really bad after a couple of hours. I will not stop using this lipstick as I'm in love with the color, but I definitely need to look for a dupe as I cannot bear the thought of wearing it in a party. I was completely ticked off when I came back at home and saw my face in the mirror. It seemed as if I was drinking someone's blood at the function, and I felt so embarrassed. The only thing I care about is a bold pout; my looks are all about minimal makeup with a bold pout. Folks, this is not a tiny issue as a lot of you are buying these lipsticks through several different pages.
I cannot stop anyone from purchasing them, but be a little careful when you're getting your hands on a liquid lipstick. Never risk your life with a liquid lipstick when you're not sure of how it would turn out. Also, please keep in mind that it dried my lips so badly. It basically made my lines and cracks more visible, and that was certainly a huge disappointment. I do not feel like wearing these lipsticks anymore, but I've spent quite a fortune on these products, so I cannot throw them in the dustbin. However, from now on, I'll make sure that I have a small mirror in my purse so I can make myself look like a mortal again. I do not want to look like a vampire even though they're super-hot and attractive. All of this reminds me of Edward Cullen. So this is one of my makeup horror stories, which I really wanted to share on my blog. I'll keep posting more of these if you're interested in learning more about my makeup horror stories. Also, make sure you follow me everywhere if this cracked you up.
Colourpop's ultra-matte lipstick in shade Avenue
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