Foodie Gifts For Pizza Rats In Your Life

Many of us have grown weary of the (okay, maybe a tad overused) term “foodie.” This word has become so polarizing that it’s even ranked on lists of things we should just stop saying altogether.

But, in the words of Merriam-Webster, as “a person who enjoys and cares about food very much,” I will not be retiring this tired gourmet slang. Because I am a foodie. And if you think about it, you probably have more than one of them in your life: your pizza rat, your brunch wife, your snacking snob, or even your fast-food partner in crime.

So let’s all band together this holiday season and, ahem, honor those friends who live to eat. When you don’t know what to buy, why not give the gift that shows them, “we’re foodies, and we’re proud”? And even if you’re not, show your support with a hot dog iPhone case or Taco Bae mug.

Check out our 29 gift options, ahead, and keep the legacy alive (for the rest of 2016, at least).

For Your Friend Who Won’t Leggo Your Eggo

The only person in your life who would cherish a small and buttery waffle on a chain (PSA: There is also a bacon necklace).

Tiny Hands Scented Butter & Maple Syrup Waffle Necklace, $28, available at Tiny Hands.

For Your Ride Or Fry

Gift this pin to the diehard potato-lover in your life.

Sleepy Mountain Fries Before Guys Enamel Brooch, $10, available at Etsy.

For The Bread To Your Butter

These coasters will serve as a daily reminder of glutenous devotion.

MoMA Store Toast It Coasters, $10, available at MoMA Store.

For Your Doritos Loca

Mad respect to your friend and lover of the almighty TB.

Memeskins Taco Bae Mug, $14.07, available at Etsy.

For Your OG Pho

Forget Yeezy — let this Snoop-and-pho tee be the fashion-mashup gift of the year.

Bad Pickle Tees Pho Shizzle T-Shirt, $22, available at Etsy.

For Your Burger Bud

The ones who understands that any article of clothing is just better with a burger attached.

Mokuyobi Burger Layer Patch, $8, available at Urban Outfitters.

For Your Lox & Baegle

Some people believe a bagel a day keeps the doctor away.

Marcella Studio Lox & Bagel Art Print, $20, available at Etsy.

For Your Sunny Side Up, Not Scrambled

The no muss, no fuss, hip food-lover in your life.

ASOS Sweater With Fried Eggs, $46, available at ASOS.

For Your Basic Bestie

You know, the one who loves avocado anything?

Clay & Clasp Avocado Earrings, $19.23, available at Etsy.

For The Sprinkles On Top Of Your Glazed Doughnut

The one that probably also has a matching doughnut pillow.

Doiy Donut Tablet Stand, $22, available at ASOS.

For Your Side Of Bacon

Never have truer words been spoken to a foodie.

Land Mermaid Paper Co Parks & Rec Ron Swanson Breakfast Art, $5, available at Etsy.

For Your Late-Night Takeouter

The one who is always down to hit up the drive-through at 2 a.m.

Pyknic French Fries Socks, $14, available at Pyknic.

For Your Friend Whose First Name Is Oscar

Always down to eat a dog with extra mustard, ketchup, and relish.

Urban Outfitters Hot Dog iPhone 6/6s Case, $19.99, available at Urban Outfitters.

For Your Snacking Snob

The only one in your life who would sport a porcelain popcorn pin (yes, it exists).

Monochromatiques Porcelain Popcorn Pin, $24.18, available at Etsy.

For Your Pizza Rat

This pizza rat T-shirt on your friend is the equivalent of Rihanna wearing a T-shirt of Rihanna.

Red Bubble The Original Pizza Rat, $24.80, available at Red Bubble.

For Your Sugar Devotee

The one that would prefer a cake made of stacked doughnuts for their birthday.

Candle Lit Desserts Mini Pink Glazed Doughnut Soaps, $10, available at Etsy.

For Your Bun Hun

Gift to the practicer of burgers as religion.

Urban Outfitters Plush Hamburger Ornament, $10, available at Urban Outfitters.

For Your Pie Person

The one who’s always down to grab a slice.

Verameat Pizza Luv Keychain, $16, available at Ubran Outfitters.

For Your Big Mac

Write sweet fast-food nothings inside or just frame it and let the card speak for itself. Because really, what more is there to say?

The Naughty Little Card Shop Extra Fries Card, $4.50, available at ASOS.

For Your Cookie Monster

You know the one.

Anat Safron Cookie Yummypocket Pouch, $8.50, available at MoMA Store.

For Your Home Fry

Ah, the sweet sweet scent of fresh griddle grease.

The Stinky Candle Co. Fast Food Candle, $9.99, available at The Stinky Candle Co.

For Your Brunch Wife

The friend who plans life around brunch.

Pyknic Weekends Are For Waffles Crew, $45, available at Pyknic.

For Your “I’m A Morning Person”

Gift this bath mat as a respectful acknowledgement to agree to disagree in the a.m. hours.

Urban Outfitters Sunny Side Up Bath Mat, $29, available at Urban Outfitters.

For Your Top Pizza Emoji Recipient

The one who uses it in response to everything.

Imaginarium Goods Pizza Slice Emoji Mug, $13.99, available at Houzz.

For Your Self-Proclaimed Food ‘Grammer

Their feed is made up of artful edibles.

Joost Elffers & Saxton Freymann Food Play, $16.95, available at MoMA Store.

For Your Pork-etarian

“Bacon is good for me!”

Accoutrements Bacon Lip Balm, $2.95, available at Archie McPhee.

For Your “Coffee & Chill”

The one who is always down to hang out with a cup of Joe.

Pyknic Donut Kill My Vibe Mug, $16, available at Pyknic.

For Your Butter Lover

The one who can smell freshly popped popcorn from a mile away.

Demeter Fragrance Library Popcorn, $12 (for a 1/2-oz bottle), available at Demeter.

For Your Fast Foodie Fiend

They’ll will use this golden paper to wrap each of their gifts during the holidays.

Brainbox Candy Fast Food Gift Wrap, $8 (for 4 sheets), available at ASOS.

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