Weird, but it’s food!

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Smoked Bats (Indonesia):
Where the sight of bats may reminded us of scary tales of Count Dracula, the Indonesians have perhaps overcome their fear by reparing them as a delicacy. People who’ve been adventurous enough to devour on this unimaginable creature say it tastes just like beef jerky. These bats are usually smoked. They’re only about three inches long and look like skeletal brown mice.

Fried Frog Legs
(South America)
They are battered, seasoned and deep fried. People who’ve tasted them claim that these two large back legs of frogs taste just like chicken. Ribbid that!

Snake Blood (Thailand):
According to a recent TV documentary, this is served freshly-harvested from King cobras, either as a straight cocktail or a mixed drink, for exhorbitant amounts. The blood is supposed to have medicinal and sexual powers. As the slang goes —snake in pants! Hisss…

Turtle Eggs (Nicaragua):
Raw sea turtle eggs look just like boiled ping pong balls. The way to have it in Nicaragua is to make a small rip in the soft shell, maybe add a few drops of hot sauce, and then suck the raw contents down, followed by a shot of rum. The eggs taste a bit fishy and may not be relished by all. In fact, in some parts of India, turtle eggs were cooked and eaten just like chicken eggs until the big ban came about with the recognition of turtles as an endangered species.

Alligator Snack Sticks (South Louisiana):
Chunks of deep fried alligator (tail part, battered in corn meal seasoning) is served on a 10 inch wooden skewer. Seen mostly at outdoor festivals, this rare
delicacy has a chewy consistency like a tough cut of pork. Most people balk at the thought of eating one of these large lizards. When washed well, these can be cooked as anything you like and the flavour would be closest to fried fish, chicken nuggets, or roast barbeque ribs.

Monkey Toes (Indonesia):
Deep fried monkey toes, are served to be eaten straight off the bone.

Squirrel Brain (US South):
While we are happy with our regular bheja fry that’s readily available in most of the biryani joints; the Southern folk in US have a little less to offer. After all the brain of the small tree climbing rodent obviously would be much smaller than our grass-eating friendly neighbourhood goat! The head of the squirrel is cooked along with the rest of the body (after cleaning of course), then, using the fingers and a fork, the skull is cracked open and the brains are dug out. The braver gourmets have said it tastes like mushrooms.

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