Internet Addiction Disorder causes brain changes similar to that of drug addicts, study

A recent study has concluded that people addicted to internet have impacts on their brain similar to those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. The research states that people with Internet Addiction Disorder go through the same kind of brain changes observed in those obsessed with drugs or alcohol.

Internet Addiction Disorder is a recognized condition referred to an abnormal urge to use the Internet. It is considered an “impulse control disorder,” instead of a full addiction.

People who suffer with Internet Addiction Disorder have a difficult time straying away from internet. They are used to spending insanitary amounts of time using internet, which in turn messes up their work or family life.

A new small-scale study published in PLoS One carried out by researchers from China found concrete brain changes in the brains of young Web addicts.

The results depended on the feedback from 35 men and women aged between 14 and 21. Seventeen of the participants were classified as having IAD based on their responses to a questionnaire. The authors say their results are noteworthy.

Dr Henrietta Bowden-Jones, a consultant psychiatrist and honorary senior lecturer at Imperial College London, said: “We are finally being told what clinicians suspected for some time now, that white matter abnormalities in the orbito-frontal cortex and other truly significant brain areas are present not only in addictions where substances are involved but also in behavioural ones such as Internet addiction.”

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